Where Things Stand: Ex-GOP National Security Officials Have, Apparently, Had Enough
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Perhaps it’s easier to speak out against President Trump and the flailing, chaotic, dwindling days of his presidency when you’re no longer in an official position.

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The TPM Glossary

At TPM, we have certain terms we use over and over. Dignity wraiths. The brittle grip. A new one in recent months: Schrodinger’s DHS secretary. You can find a (very) partial list of these terms — Josh Marshallisms, largely — here.

For our 20th anniversary celebration next month, we’re putting together a master list. It’s quite an undertaking: Twenty years of proprietary terms. But we think it will serve as a useful guide to some of the key themes of the last two decades. Also, we think it will be funny.

However: 20 years is a long time, and we need the help of our dedicated readers to remember some of these terms.

So, if you remember one that we’re missing, shoot us an email.

The Short, Happy, Bizarre Defenestration of Sidney Powell
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There’s an important and clarifying subtext to Team Trump’s decision to jettison Sidney Powell from the zombie campaign’s legal team. Yes, her theories and accusations are terrifyingly demented. But, c’mon … do we think that’s really supposed to be a problem? The issue is the Georgia senate races.

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So What the Hell Happened?
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I’m not sure quite what to make of this. Those two Michigan House and Senate leaders who went to visit President Trump at the White House appear to have given Trump an unqualified ‘no’. Indeed, not only do they appear to have given him an unqualified ‘no’ in the joint statement they released after the meeting. But they coupled this with an ask for more COVID relief.

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Where Things Stand: Whispers Of Moving On
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At least three members of the Trump family inner orbit are looking to a future that might not necessarily involve the chief patriarch being president of the United States.

While the family publicly continues to hype Trump’s dangerous and ridiculous election delegitimization crusade, privately a few have their sights set on their own political futures.

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Worth Your Time

Two weeks ago, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow announced that she had been exposed to COVID-19 and would be stepping away from the network’s post-election coverage to quarantine. Last night, Maddow revealed that her partner of more than two decades, Susan Mikula, has been battling a severe case of the coronavirus.

“At one point, we really thought there was a possibility that it might kill her,” Maddow said, adding that Mikula is thankfully now on the road to recovery.

It was a powerful and authentic moment, and a reminder of the human toll of the virus. Give it a watch after the jump.

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That Today Is Why We Have Trump
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Through this corrupt era one of the common refrains has been, “that’s why or how we got Trump.” Usually it is whatever it is the person didn’t like before Trump rebranded as the bad thing that got us Trump. But on display today is one of the real reasons ‘we got Trump.’ It’s not the deepest reason but it is a critical, critical part of the equation. It’s also why Donald Trump was able to careen through the leading candidates of the Republican party so easily in 2016.

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The Corruption is Upon Us
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We’re watching the press conference of the President’s legal team. It’s an all star team of rejects and degenerates from the Fox Cinematic Universe: Jenna Ellis, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Joe DiGenova. It’s both comical in its slapdash level of nonsense but also deeply corrupt and an attack on the very foundations of the American republic. In the course of this event Giuliani has claimed that most of the votes in Wayne County (Detroit) are invalid and should be discarded. Needless to say, this disenfranchises most of the African-American population in Michigan. As Giuliani succinctly put it, “It changes the results of the election in Michigan if you take out Wayne County.”

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Where Things Stand: Major Roadblock For Trump’s Census Scheme
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We have a new, exclusive story up right now.

TPM’s Tierney Sneed has learned that the Census Bureau identified routine issues in data from the 2020 decennial census, and will need time to fix them. This seemingly small wrinkle could have significant implications for how political power is distributed through apportionment.

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TPM's Anniversary
| Miscellany

Today, TPM is 20 years old. This December, as we close out one of the most exhausting, stressful, and bizarre years of our lives, we’ll be revisiting and celebrating some of the most interesting and noteworthy events from TPM’s history.

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Attacks on the aca
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The Affordable Care Act appears poised to survive its third confrontation with the Supreme Court largely intact.

At oral arguments Tuesday in a lawsuit brought by red states and supported by the Trump administration, Obamacare’s defenders got signals that there are likely at least five votes on the conservative Court in favor of preserving the bulk of the law.

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President Donald Trump will go down in history as a one-term president.

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Ep. 146: Post-Election Limbo
Ep. 146: Post-Election Limbo
Josh, Kate and David discuss Republicans’ futile attempts to overturn the election results, and game out what it means for both the Georgia runoffs and the ...
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