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Joe Boosted By Roaring Biden Economy. No, Really.

Joe Boosted By Roaring Biden Economy. No, Really.

In politics and in our personal lives we are often spinning ourselves in circles searching for explanations of the inexplicable when a bit of comparative analysis would do us wonders. For Democrats an abiding question of the Biden presidency, especially in 2024, is this: why hasn’t Joe Biden gotten more credit for the roaring 20s economy? Growth is steady, unemployment is at historic lows, inflation has fallen dramatically, wages are rising. Each rosy data point purports to have a context which shows it isn’t all its cracked up to be. And some of those contexts bear consideration. But the G-7 summit in Italy this last week is perhaps the most clarifying context.

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Trump’s Bonfire of the Dignities

A slew of headlines greeted Donald Trump’s return to Capitol Hill yesterday. “Triumphant return” in the words of AP and others, Trump’s “flex” in the words of Axios. Others less generously, including TPM, heralded Trump’s “return to the scene of the crime.” And with Trump, characteristically, there are many crimes to choose from, not just January 6th, his greatest crime, but the fact that this was his first big get together since being convicted of 34 felonies and earning his new first name: “Convicted Felon.” What all seemed to agree on is that it was a “Unity Rally.” But I think there was both more and less to it than that.

First, it was some mix of surprisng and revealing how little of the first round of press coverage noted the very Pyongyang-on-Capitol Hill vibe of these events, right down to the set piece press opportunities with grown men and women from the Senate manically clapping like seals as Trump walks into the room, interviews where they express their hopes that Trump will come and lead them again. Our friend Aaron Rupar really seemed to have his eyes open for this, and he captured it in this video.

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Does Donald Trump Actually Need Any Human Help?

The once and potentially future president mused about AI, including its potential to replace his speechwriters. 

Celebrating That The Supreme Court Meandered Its Way To The Obviously Correct Decision

Kate Riga writes on the Supreme Court’s unsurprising abortion decision this week, and the damage it might do in the weeks to come. 

Loud and Proud

Josh Kovensky looks for the now barely seen Proud Boys, and finds them lying in wait. 

    Let Them Eat Cake

    Emine Yücel was on the Hill Thursday trying to report as hoards of other reporters hounded senators for details of Trump’s visit to the Hill. She recounts the experience. 

    Words of Wisdom

    The danger of electric vehicles, according to Marjorie Taylor Greene. 



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