Warren, Brown Agree To Meet To Set ‘Enforceable Agreement’ Against Outside Spending

Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Scott Brown have decided to send representatives from their campaigns to reach an “enforceable agreement” against unlimited outside spending. Groups on both sides of the aisle have already poured millions into the high profile Senate race, including campaigns funded by Karl Roves Crossroads GPS super PAC tying Warren to both Wall Street greed and Occupy Wall Street. The Hill reports:

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) sent Democrat Elizabeth Warren a letter on Friday challenging her to join him in denouncing outside groups, who have already spent millions on attack ads in the race. Rather than ignore the challenge, Warren called Brown on his cell phone — and sent him a letter proposing a meeting between the two campaigns to reach an “enforceable agreement” to rein in the outside groups.

Now the Brown campaign says it will dispatch its campaign manager to meet with his counterpart in Warren’s campaign.

The catch: outside groups do not coordinate with campaigns and are not beholden to them, so it’s unclear how this arrangement could successfully reign in outside spending.