Romney, RNC To Ditch Nevada GOP

Apparently fed up with Nevada GOP’s missteps during the primary season earlier this year, the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee are planning to create their own “shadow state party” which will effectively run the ground game in place of Nevada GOP, reports the Las Vegas Sun:

“The goal is for us to be running get out the vote, running phone programs, voter ID, voter contact, everything through the Team Nevada headquarters,” the strategist told me. That is, everything the party is supposed to do, except the GOP here can’t raise money and has the inmates running the asylum.

He continued: “The RNC has said it is willing to do everything possible as the state party appears not to be willing to work with us, so we will do it without them.”

The plan would be to transfer money directly to Team Nevada and/or funnel some through the Washoe Republican Party, run by the respected Dave Buell, who is well-liked by the RNC and Romney folks.

To distill, the GOP insider said, “Essentially we’re setting up a shadow state party.”