Report: Twitter Expects Attacks On News Accounts To Continue

According to a memo obtained by BuzzFeed, Twitter has warned a number of news organizations that it expects attacks on their accounts to continue.  

“Please help us keep your accounts secure. There have been several recent incidents of high-profile news and media Twitter handles being compromised. We believe that these attacks will continue, and that news and media organizations will continue to be high value targets to hackers,” Twitter said in the memo, published by BuzzFeed on Monday.

Last week, the Associated Press’ main Twitter account was hacked. A tweet about explosions in the White House injuring President Obama briefly sent the stock market tumbling. The pro-Bashar al-Assad group The Syrian Electronic Army apparently took credit for the attack, according to Quartz

The same group later hacked Twitter accounts operated by the Guardian. And in August 2012, the group also compromised Reuters’ technology Twitter feed and blog platform, according to the New York Times

Read Twitter’s full memo here