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We talk a lot, rightly, about how Democrats are often instinctively cautious about going on the political attack. I just got a mass-email press release from the Biden campaign that is part of their “felon” push and the jousting in the lead up to the debate. I don’t have anything particular to add beside, jeez, this is intense stuff, by which I mean not “intense” in the slangish mean of “good” but intense. Like totally going off. One needs to do this with a full spectrum approach, in press conferences, ads, surrogates etc. But if this press release is any measure, they’re not holding back.

Text after the jump … (links are the ones that came embedded in the email).

June 17, 2024
Trump’s Debate Lies Show How Scared He Is
Donald Trump is a liar and a fraud. His campaign is full of liars and frauds. And their desperate leaks and lies to the right-wing media only underscore how scared Donald Trump is to debate.This is Donald’s debate playbook: lies, distractions, and deceit.Donald Trump and his campaign are scared because they can’t defend his record, personal conduct, or extreme agenda in front of the American people.Donald can’t defend that he’s a criminal who has been convicted of 34 felonies, was found liable for sexual assault, committed financial fraud, and is only out for himself.

Donald can’t defend his endorsement of state abortion bans, including ones that track women’s pregnancies, threaten access to IVF, and punish women.

Donald can’t defend that he has the worst jobs record of any modern president and oversaw the largest increase in the murder rate on record.

Donald can’t defend his economic agenda of higher prices for working Americans and Social Security cuts – all so he can give corporations and billionaires more tax handouts.  
Donald can’t defend that he’s unhinged about losing by 7 million votes to Joe Biden in 2020, is proposing to be a “dictator” on day one, and a violent “bloodbath” when he loses again in November.

Donald can’t defend his actions on or leading up to January 6.

Donald can’t defend his extreme Supreme Court nominees.

Donald can’t defend being a lifelong racist who failed Black and brown America as president.

Donald can’t defend wanting to rip away health care protections from more than 100 million Americans.

Donald can’t defend insulting veteranslaw enforcement, and the American people.We are at an inflection point as a nation. Our freedoms, our democracy, our middle class, our leadership on the world stage are all at stake.To lead America, the land of possibilities, you need a vision for the future of what America can and should be. Donald Trump does not have a vision of anything beyond the failure he sees in the mirror.

Statement from TJ Ducklo, Biden-Harris 2024 Senior Advisor for Communications:“Donald Trump has been playing games around debates for years: lying about negotiations, bailing at the last minute, and making insane accusations about moderators and microphones all because he’s terrified to defend the dangerous and extreme things he’s done and promises to do again.“Joe Biden will be at the debate standing up for our democracy, our freedoms, and the American people. If Trump would like to sit down behind his podium he can, but we’re worried he may fall asleep. If he shows up at all.”
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