Why Bundy Ranch Thinks Sheriffs Can Disarm Feds


Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, whose dispute with the Bureau of Land Management spurred a tense standoff between armed anti-government activists and federal officials over the weekend, had some strikingly specific directions for sheriffs across the country Monday night.

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Hard to Handle

We've gotten a rather ferocious response to my noting last night that when we interviewed accused Kansas City Jewish Center Shooter Glenn Miller two years ago his two big questions for our reporter Ryan Reilly was whether Ryan was Jewish and whether Ryan thought Ron Paul was being mistreated by the mainstream media.

Now, obviously people can't be responsible for the bad acts of people who might happen to like them. And more specifically to this case, Paul has never been a mainstream Republican. Mainstream Republicans have frequently tried to marginalize him - mainly because of his heterodox foreign policy views but also because of his obscurantist anti-Fed beliefs on monetary. But not least of which has been the reality, not lost on mainstream Republicans, that Paul has a pretty well-documented history as a leading figure among white nationalists and pretty clear ties to open anti-Semites.

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Smarter Than It Seemed?

TPM Reader JG says the federal stand-down outside the Bundy Ranch over the weekend may have been shrewder than it seemed ... (Also note that the local 'militia' reportedly planned to use women as human shields.)

I grew up in southern Utah, not far from the Bundy ranch standoff -- and the stuff going on there turns my stomach. I share Josh's concern about letting the camo crowd scare off the BLM, though it's probably wise in the short term. Here's why:

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"Not Over"

Harry Reid says the Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada is "not over". This comes on the heels of reports yesterday that the local 'militia' that stood down federal officials had plans to use women as 'human shields' in the event a fire fight broke out.

Holy Crap, We Interviewed Frazier Glenn Miller

I just learned that back in 2012 we interviewed Frazier Glenn Miller, the man now accused of being the shooter in yesterday's Jewish Community Center shootings in Kansas City. The reporter was Ryan Reilly, now a reporter with the Huffington Post.

At the time we were interested in Miller because he was an associate and supporter of Kevin Harpham, the man behind the 2011 Martin Luther King Jr. parade bombing in Spokane, Washington. Miller, on the other hand, was mainly interested in whether our reporter was Jewish (Reilly? really?) and whether he thought Ron Paul was being mistreated by the mainstream media.

Miller told us he believed Harpham had been framed because it didn't figure he'd bomb an MLK parade. "He was more of an anti-Semite than an anti-black racist. He focused on what the Jews were doing to us, rather than what blacks do to us. Blacks, they have little power except what the Jews allow them to have. Jews call the shots. But white people, we have no power at all. We have nobody representing us, we have no leaders, we have no organization, we have no unity, no solidarity, we're not even allowed to complain about our extinction."

Conservative is the New Black

Last week, after Stephen Colbert’s big promotion was announced, one of far-right conservatism’s rising luminaries, Ben Shapiro, lashed out at Colbert for practicing what he called “political blackface.” This came, aptly enough, just after Jon Chait published his piece on the right and left’s maniacal divide over race in which Republicans, compromised by race, are nonetheless legitimately paranoid that they’re constantly being falsely accused of racism and liberals, on the right side of the race issue, nonetheless won’t let conservatives say anything edgy without forcing it through the prism of racial offense.

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