Universtiy Of Iowa Apologizes To Bachmann For Cougar Baiting

The University of Iowa News Services twitter account UIowaPolitics sent out a joke to its followers Thursday morning. Referencing the local news that a cougar or mountain lion had been spotted in the area in recent days, someone with access to the account tweeted: “I didn’t’ know Bachmann was in town. Bah-dum-bum.”

The joke quickly backfired on whomever it was that sent it. The school has announced that they are proceeding with disciplinary proceedings against the individual, and later sent out an apology.

When asked about the bad joke, the Bachmann campaign released a statement that said, “When you are 55 years old, have had 5 children, and been foster mother to 23 children, Michele is grateful when people don’t refer to her as The Old Lady in the Shoe.”