Twitter Releases First-Ever Transparency Report

Twitter late Monday afternoon released its first-ever “transparency report,” a collection of statistics highlighting the times in the past six months that Twitter has been asked by governments and law enforcement agencies around the world to hand over user information or take down content. 

The U.S. leads the world in requests for Twitter user info, with 679 requests pertaining to 948 accounts, of which Twitter complied with 75 percent, according to the report.  

Separately, Twitter outlined the number of takedown requests due to copyright violation notices in the U.S., revealing it received 3378 content takedown notices for this reason and removed 5275 tweets in total.

Meanwhile, Greece led the world in other forms of content takedown requests, with 2, and Twitter said it complied with none of its or other countries’ requests. 

The full data set can be found here. The move follows in the footsteps of Google’s own biannual transperancy report