New Trump Ad: Clinton’s Economic Policies ‘More Of The Same, But Worse’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump played up the binary frame of the 2016 race in a new TV ad out Monday called “Two Americas: Economy,” which makes the case that only his economic policies will make “the American dream achievable.”

“In Hillary Clinton’s America, the middle class gets crushed. Spending goes up. Taxes go up,” a male narrator says in the 30-second spot.

“It’s more of the same, but worse,” he continues.

The exact opposite will happen in Trump’s America, the narrator promises, where wages will be raised and new jobs created.

The spot is expected to run in the battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Virginia and Colorado as part of a $10 million ad buy the campaign is rolling out this week, according to the Associated Press. The AP noted that Mitt Romney lost eight of those battleground states in the 2012 election.

Trump’s first ad of the general election stretch, which focused on immigration, debuted earlier in August. He previously had spent just $5 million in advertising, according to the AP, and the economy spot marks only his second national ad campaign.

Clinton has spent over $77 million on TV and radio advertising since securing the Democratic nomination in June, the AP reported.

Watch Trump’s ad below: