I’m Toronto’s Greatest Mayor Ever, Declares Rob Ford


Never mind the admission to smoking crack cocaine, or the bizarre home video, or the unforgettable remark about the sexual fulfillment in his marriage.

Rob Ford wants you to evaluate him on his record and, if you do, he’s pretty confident you’ll conclude — like he did — that he’s Toronto’s finest mayor ever.

“I’ve got the strongest track record. I’ve been the best mayor that this city’s ever had. My record speaks for itself,” Ford said, as quoted by the Toronto Star.

Ford filed for re-election on Thursday, the first day for candidates to turn in paperwork for Toronto’s Oct. 27 mayoral election.

He was the first candidate to file for the race.

When asked how he’ll respond to parents who inquire about his crack use, Ford suggested that the question was out-of-bounds.

“You want to get personal? I’m sticking to my record. That’s all personal,” he said.