Jon Stewart: Why Don’t We Nominate Hannity As Ambassador To Russia? (VIDEO)

Comedian Jon Stewart ripped Democrats on Wednesday’s “Daily Show” for decrying Republican corruption even as they nominate a series of bumbling donors to ambassador posts.

Stewart played clips of Republican senators shaming Obama’s nominees to Norway, Argentina, and Iceland in their confirmation hearings for never having visited those countries.

“Let me ask this, have any of you f*cking people been to EPCOT Center? Have you been anywhere?” Stewart said.

Stewart then wondered if it was a rule that ambassadors couldn’t set foot in the nation they were nominated to serve in.

“I mean it definitely couldn’t be because the new Norway nominee raised $850,000 for the Obama reelection campaign, or the Argentinean one raised $500,000, or the Icelandic one bundled $1.6 million,” he added. “Because that would mean not only would Democrats be seen as corrupt, Nancy Pelosi told me personally that only Republicans are.”

So to prove that the process of nominating ambassadors isn’t all about raising some big cash for Democrats, Stewart volunteered a pick to replace outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul: Sean Hannity.

“Why can’t it be about picking someone we aren’t that crazy about and sending him away?” Stewart said of the Fox News host. “He said he wanted to leave anyway!”

Watch below: