GOP Super PAC Switches Support From Stockman To Cornyn

A super PAC that previously supported Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) has decided to throw its support behind Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-TX) re-election campaign, who Stockman is challenging.

In a blog post titled on Monday William J. Murray, the chairman of the Government Is Not Good-PAC (GING-PAC), announced that the organization is switching its support.

“Senator John Cornyn is an asset to Texas, the Republican Party and the conservative movement, whereas Steve Stockman has abruptly moved from being a rising star to being an impediment to conservatives gaining control of the Senate in the upcoming election,” Murray wrote in the blogpost, titled “The Steve Stockman Committee To Re-elect Al Franken.” Murray argues that money from tea party supporters that go to Stockman would be better spent against Sen. Al Franken (D-MN).

Since Stockman announced his candidacy for Senate, the congressman has struggled to gain ground or any real endorsements. A Washington Post story noted that Stockman, in light of not being able to get significant backing, listed “past and present endorsements” on his campaign website including a conservative activist who died almost a year ago.

Murray, in his blog post, noted that GING-PAC endorsed Stockman in his 2012 congressional election and praised him as a “social and economic conservative.” But, Murray continued, Stockman should not be challenging Cornyn, who is one of the most conservative lawmakers in the Senate.

“Steve simply does not seem to understand the reality that in politics, power is everything. In Congress your party either directs the agenda or watches the other party direct the agenda,” Murray continued. “Keeping your party in power is sometimes more important than a single vote in a single bill. Living to fight again is actually sometimes more prudent than dying on your own sword and allowing the enemy to take all the ground.”

(H/t: Huffington Post)