FreedomWorks Reaches Out To Black Voters

The tea party group FreedomWorks is launching a multi-state “Black and White Tour” to reach out to black voters, the group announced Wednesday. 

“Our theme is that freedom is a black and white issue,” FreedomWorks CEO and President Matt Kibbe told CNN. “And we’re also going to take on some of what we think is the divisive rhetoric coming from the left on race, some of the attacks on the tea party movement.”

Kibbe continued: “And really get to this idea that in our community and, we believe, in America, you shouldn’t be judged based on the color of your skin, but [instead] on the content of your character. And that’s what Dr. [Martin Luther] King [Jr.] taught us and we’re afraid that we’ve gotten away from that.” 

The first event is Wednesday night in Pittsburgh. The tour visit Ohio on October 5.