Hillary Clinton: Crime Bill Was A Mistake, The Perils Of Stopping Trump At A Convention, And The AI Revolution

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March 7, 2016

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Sanders Camp Defends ‘Excuse Me, I’m Talking’ Moment During Debate

The Gist: Following the Democratic presidential debate in Flint, Michigan, Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign defended a comment made by the senator when Hillary Clinton attempted to interject while he was responding.

Get Real: Stopping Trump At A Convention Will Be A Hot Mess

The Gist: Desperate to avert the impending reality that Donald Trump will be named the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, some party leaders have been agitating to block him at the GOP convention in Cleveland. Having failed to get their act together to derail Trump at the ballot box, they now hope against hope that they can turn the convention from the traditional coronation into that rare, political unicorn: the contested convention.

Hillary Clinton Says Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill Was A Mistake

The Gist: Hillary Clinton was asked at CNN’s debate to defend her support of a major crime bill that was passed while her husband Bill Clinton was president — legislation that has been blamed for the rise in incarceration rates. She conceded the bill was a mistake.

From The Reporter’s Notebook

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said that “no one” would turn down a nomination if elected at the GOP convention in Cleveland, reported TPM’s Sara Jerde. But, he insisted that he would endorse one of the candidates currently in the running (except Trump).

Agree or Disagree?

Josh Marshall: “With Cruz winning at least two of the four races on Saturday, it raises the question: Is Cruz gaining momentum against Trump, perhaps consolidating the non-Trump vote? The stomping result in Louisiana tells me the answer is no. Cruz’s winning the caucuses, which play to organizational strength and intensity. Obviously Louisiana is a very different state than Maine and different from Kansas too. But on balance, I think Saturday’s results, while giving a big boost to Cruz and a punishing blow to Rubio, suggests that Trump’s overwhelming strength overall remains intact. That is especially because Louisiana is a closed primary. Only Republicans can participate. These wins are an artifact of the caucus process.”

Say What?!

“They’re chopping, chopping, chopping, and we’re worried about waterboarding. I just think it’s – I think our priorities are mixed up.”

– Trump is very pro-torture when it comes to “beating the savages.”

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: “An aide sent an email to Hillary that in retrospect should (it is now claimed) have been classified. That means that sending it on the non-secure “government-secured” email would also have been an error, as it should instead have been sent on the secure system. So to the extent that aide’s actions were wrong, they would still have been wrong if Hillary had used the “government-secured” server. So any errors (or even illegalities) in sending these emails lay in their choice of email system (secure vs. non-secure) to send the email rather than in Hillary’s choice to use a private server. Now you can perhaps argue that Hillary’s choice of using her own server somehow made these errors worse, but to date the evidence suggests the contrary.”

Related: Bill Maher said the Hillary email scandal was just bullsh*t by the ‘stupid, infantile press.’

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