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Rubio: I Won't Stop Saying 'Barack Obama Is Undermining This Country'

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The Florida senator was criticized by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Saturday for repeating a line that Obama "knows exactly what he's doing" and that the President is "trying to change this country."

Fox's Steve Doocy asked Rubio what he meant when he said he would never let what happened on Saturday happen again.

"Are you going to completely blow up your narrative?" Doocy asked.

"No. First of all, it’s silly because all these guys repeat over and over again — I mean, every single one of them, I can give you five lines they say every single day," Rubio responded.

The Florida senator later added that he won't stop talking about how Obama is hurting the country.

"One of the things I’m criticized for is saying the truth, and I’ll continue to say this: Barack Obama is undermining this country. He is hurting this country. He is doing serious damage to this country in a way that I believe is part of a plan to weaken America on the global stage. This is the truth," Rubio said on Fox.

He also defended himself from criticism that he's inexperienced.

"This line that somehow I have no experience is absurd. It’s true I haven’t lived as long as some of the people running for president, but I have more foreign policy experience than any of them," Rubio said.