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Politifact To Hagan: 'Mostly False' That Opponent Said Obamacare Is A'Great Idea'

AP Photo / Gerry Broome

"In reality, both sides in this contest are trying to have it both ways. Tillis wants to trumpet his opposition to Obamacare for a Republican primary audience that detests the law, yet downplay the reality that the across-the-board repeal he calls for would eliminate some broadly popular provisions," Politifact said. "Hagan, for her part, is trying to argue that Tillis privately supports the very Obamacare he fiercely opposes in public. But to make that argument, she’s relying on extraordinarily thin evidence. We rate Hagan’s claim Mostly False."

The Hagan campaign denied that the ad was trying to have the ad both ways.

"Our ad says he’s trying to have it both ways, which he is," Hagan communications director Sadie Weiner said. "He’s trying to take credit for supporting the popular parts of the law, but he has no plan to do that and the only thing he does support is full repeal, which would mean insurance companies could deny care because of a existing condition and charge women more than men."

Listen to the Hagan ad here.