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Black Mississippi Dem Rep. Called Clarence Thomas An 'Uncle Tom'

AP Photo / Rogelio Solis

Thompson, who is black, also said that Republicans only oppose Obamacare and are anti-government because President Barack Obama is black.

The comments by Thompson were highlighted by Buzzfeed on Tuesday.

"I've been in Washington. I saw three presidents now. I never saw George Bush treated like this. I never saw Bill Clinton treated like this with such disrespect," Thompson said. "That Mitch McConnell would have the audacity to tell the president of the United States — not the chief executive but the commander-in-chief — that 'I don't care what you you come up with we're going to be against it.' Now if that's not a racist statement I don't know what is."

That's likely a reference to McConnell saying his job is to make Obama a one-term president.

Later Thompson said Mississippi's governor, Phil Bryant (R) opposed expanding Medicaid under Obamacare "just because a black man created it."

Thompson said that "when a black man comes with an idea [for Obamacare] there's something wrong with it. Again, it's race creeping into the picture."

Watch a clip of Thompson's comments, via Buzzfeed, is below: