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Yes, Show It

Readers react to whether we should publish imagery and videos of domestic violence. First, TPM Reader SS ...

I just read your editorial on whether or not the video of Rice should have been posted on TPM. I thank you and other media for showing the shocking video of Rice hitting Ms. Palmer. I believe it has been an important wake up call for many that domestic violence is truly a terrible crime. As we all know, a picture or video usually does has far more impact than words. We still have a long way to go with law enforcement always taking domestic violence as important as other violent crimes.

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This Stopped Me In My Tracks

Not much context I can give. Just read this. You'll be glad you did. From TPM Reader SB ...

Would it interest you to hear about "Obamacare" from the perspective of a provider?

I've been a private practice psychologist for over twenty years with multiple institutional affiliations. When the Affordable Care Act passed I made the decision to turn my private practice into public practice by signing up to become a provider on the multiple panels that arose under the umbrella of the Affordable Care Act. Many senior people eschew such plans. The pay is anywhere from 33% to 50% less. The endless paperwork can snag one's time. The clinician loses some control over treatment options.

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Should These Images Be Shown?

TPM Reader MW isn't the only reader who questions whether it's appropriate for photographs or videos of domestic violence to be published by news organizations. First, MW, followed by my thoughts ...

I’m fully informed and in agreement on that publishing must always favor transparency. More the better, trust the public, sunshine disinfectant, when in doubt print it, etc.

But is there a bar that applies to images of direct ‘domestic’ abuse? If not, then what was the point of the eruption of outrage (some manufactured, I’m sure) over the JLaw (and others not) leaks?

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Want to Know Who Takes the Senate?

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I've defended what is often al Jazeera's great coverage of a number of international stories - at least in English. But stuff like this and some other recent decisions makes me wonder. The network quietly pulled a story suggesting that the beheadings of US reporters Foley and Sotloff had actually been faked, perhaps by Foley himself to create a pretext for Western intervention. Even retraction emphasized that the step was taken out of "respect to families of the victims."

McDonnell's Impending Appeal

Though McDonnell wiped his tears and said his "trust remains in the Lord" as he left the courthouse after his guilty verdict on 11 counts of corruption, his trust will likely also remain in the legal appeals process and his lawyer said as much. Catherine Thompson looks at the grounds on which the McDonnells are likely to appeal. Mainly, they seem to center on what constitutes an "official act" and how the jurors were asked to interpret that question.