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We're Hiring A Features Intern!

TPM is looking for a Features Intern to assist with TPMCafe, our op-ed section, and The Slice, our features section that gets to the gut-level, human side of (mostly) American culture and politics. The Slice publishes researched essays, personal narrative and voicey reported pieces on things like politics, sex, identity, crime, history, pop culture and family. Read what we’ve published so far here, and read more from the editor here and here.

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It's All Coming Together

GOP mega-donor's channel picks up Trump's Miss USA Pageant. “The decision on the part of REELZ to acquire the rights to the MISS USA Pageant was based on our belief that this special event, and the women who compete in it, are an integral part of American tradition,” said Stan Hubbard, CEO of Reelz, in a statement emailed to TPM.

This Is Interesting

In response to last week's High Court decision, Indiana women posts spellbinding anti-same sex marriage rant to Facebook while doing house cleaning, after the jump ...

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Thanks, Twitter

Here's an (fun in a surreal, macabre way) article about a recent example of how Twitter has dramatically increased the velocity at which bullshit is able to travel at sea level and at higher altitudes. In fact, the increase is so great that Twitter has become a self-contained, frictionless bullshit perpetual motion machine capable of making an episode like this possible. This is the story of Zandria Robinson, an African-American assistant professor of sociology at the University of Memphis who made some that were both genuinely outrageous and also a peerless example of jargony academic nonsense-speak, became a target of right-wing media and twitter-hounds, then got fired by the University of Memphis because of the controversy, thus making the University a target of left-wingers on Twitter and driving Twitter to cross-partisan paroxysms of outrage and self-congratulation.

Except that she wasn't fired and actually wasn't even an employee of the University of Memphis in the first place.

Thanks, Twitter.

Among the Man-Woman Dead-Enders

Mandating the right to marry to same sex couples on par with opposite sex couples across the United States is a very, very big deal, as the jubilant celebrations last week well attest. So I guess I should not be that surprised that the resistance to the decision is not merely rhetorical but that a non-trivial number of judges, town and county clerks and elected officials are continuing to resist the decision. Even after it is all over. You have a mix of clerks who are simply refusing to issue any marriage licenses, officials who are resigning, delaying tactics and more. Tierney Sneed catalogs the top strategies here.

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