04.26.2018 - 4:21 PM EDT

White House releases pictures of Mike Pompeo and ‘honorable guy’ Kim Jong-un.

04.26.2018 - 1:07 PM EDT

This week on The Josh Marshall Podcast I talk to journalist Ronan Farrow. We talk about his #metoo reporting and his new book War on Peace, about the decline of American diplomacy and global influence not just under Trump but going back decades into the late 20th century. Check it out.

04.26.2018 - 1:03 PM EDT

Here I write mainly about politics and only occasionally about digital publishing. If you’re interested in that side of what I do, I went on the Digiday podcast to talk about it. Click here to listen.

04.26.2018 - 12:48 PM EDT

The judge in the Michael Cohen case has appointed Barbara Jones, a former federal judge, as a Special Master to go through the documents seized from Cohen by the FBI and decide which ones are subject to attorney-client privilege.

We’ll have more on this, and on other developments from the federal courtroom where a hearing on the Cohen case has been taking place, shortly…

04.26.2018 - 10:14 AM EDT

There was a lot of crazy stuff this morning when President Trump called into Fox & Friends, the Fox Morning Show. A lot of color. But I want to zero in on several key claims or admissions he made about the Russia, Cohen and Stormy Daniels cases.

04.26.2018 - 9:49 AM EDT

Good, busy morning. Here’s what our team has its eyes on.

04.26.2018 - 9:07 AM EDT

It’s always hard to tell from an oral argument how the justices are likely to rule on a given case, but Alice Ollstein runs down some hints she got yesterday as to how the Court is thinking about the third and latest iteration of Trump’s travel ban (Prime access).

04.26.2018 - 8:21 AM EDT

04.25.2018 - 9:59 PM EDT

Five frat brothers who were among 18 suspended over a racist frat video are suing Syracuse University for infliction of “ridicule and scorn” over their treatment. According to the lawsuit: “The skits did not constitute actual racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, sexism and disrespect for the disabled. Rather, the entire focus of the skits was to create caricatures and exaggerate to be outrageous.”

It’s basically, ‘no racisms were harmed during the filming of this video.’

04.25.2018 - 9:40 PM EDT

Alleged serial killer arrested more than three decades after his killing spree terrorized California. The former police officer is suspected in a dozen killings and more than fifty rapes.

04.25.2018 - 5:28 PM EDT

CNN has an exclusive this evening that is explosive but also requires some important context: some of those Russian ‘diplomats’ who were expelled as spies were tracking Russian emigres or defectors in the U.S. Let me share some thoughts on what to make of this revelation.

04.25.2018 - 4:41 PM EDT

Cam Joseph, who broke the Patrick Fitzgerald story yesterday, explains how the Scooter Libby trial presaged the Mueller probe (Prime access).

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