How Are GOP Candidates Coping With SCOTUS Losses?


Nearly a week after the Supreme Court’s landmark decisions in King v. Burwell andObergefell v. Hodges, it’s a good time to take stock of the Republican party’s reactions to what was by most accounts a one-two punch to its values and interests, all the more powerful because it came from an ostensibly conservative Roberts Court.

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LIVE CHAT: Pulitzer-Winning Food Industry Expert, Author Michael Moss

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author of New York Times bestseller 'Salt Sugar Fat' Michael Moss will chat with Prime members in The Hive (sub req) Monday, July 6 at 2 PM Eastern. Moss is an expert on the food industry, having worked as a reporter at The Wall Street Journal and New York Times. He focuses on the industry in the context of health, safety, nutrition, politics, and corporate interests. 'Salt Sugar Fat' won the 2014 James Beard Foundation Book Award for Writing & Literature, and Michael Pollan called it "a Fast Food Nation for the processed food industry."

Michael will be answering questions about his book, his reporting, and the politics and economics of what we eat. Please drop your questions here at or before 2 PM on Monday July 6!

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The "judicial tyranny" gets really long-in-the-tooth when you're forced to argue that it is "judicial tyranny" when a Court will not overrule the legislature and executive.

From the Grassroots

The editor of the Berkshire Eagle, a community paper in western Massachusetts, is taking heat for and now explaining (with a good explanation) why the Eagle published an op-ed by a guy named Steven Nikitas, a "conservative activist" from Pittsfield.

As editor Kevin Moran explains, Nikitas is one of several people who contribute op-eds 'from the right' on behalf of the local Republican party. It seems Nikitas's latest editorial on the "debased", "immature" and "cowardly" culture of black America got a lot of people upset.

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For all the blaze of history and march of freedom this week, no doubt for me the highlight was Justice Scalia's invoking John C. Calhoun's "concurrent majority" theory on behalf of denying marriage equality to gay men and women.

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