08.31.2016 - 7:06 PM EDT

We're now hearing from President Pena Nieto as well as his press people that Donald Trump didn't tell the truth when he said the two hadn't discussed who'd pay for the wall. Pena Nieto says they did discuss it and he made clear at the outset of their conversations that Mexico would never pay for it.

It's a quite legitimate question why Pena Nieto didn't contradict Trump when Trump made this claim on stage with him. Maybe he's lying. Maybe Trump's lying. But remember, Trump's a pathological liar. Pena Nieto? I have no idea about his reputation for truth telling.

08.31.2016 - 6:44 PM EDT

As I've explained - somewhat contrary to what seems to be the received wisdom - I don't think this went well for Trump. The presidential visuals were definitely good. Pena Nieto was passive and even obsequious. But the key in my mind is that Trump refused to discuss who would pay for the Trump Wall, a centerpiece of Trump's whole campaign. I think that will continue to be a telling moment well after the visuals have subsided. I will stick with that interpretation. But there's another part of the equation: the blowback for Pena Nieto in Mexico.

08.31.2016 - 6:09 PM EDT

Just a few moments again Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a major Trump surrogate, was asked on CNN if he was troubled by Trump not asking the President of Mexico to pay for the Wall ...

"No, what difference does it make. The wall is important no matter who pays for it. If Mexico doesn’t pay for it, they do get foreign aid. Maybe we can deduct the price from the foreign aid. I’m not trying to be nasty."

08.31.2016 - 4:47 PM EDT

A few quick thoughts on the joint press conference between Mexican President Pena Nieto and Donald Trump. On balance, I think it was what I earlier today called the best possible outcome for Trump: "an uneventful and generally boring meeting or one in which Trump and Pena Nieto get into a spat or trade insults." Obviously, this was option one.

A few thoughts.

08.31.2016 - 3:44 PM EDT

Welcome to the cloudy, shadowy, foreboding glen where like Dante the Hillary campaign permanently resides -- according to The New York Times. Seriously, it's awesome. Check it out.

08.31.2016 - 3:41 PM EDT

Supreme Court refuses to grant stay of lower court ruling that blocked most of North Carolina's new voting restrictions. Everything going on here: crucial voting rights case ... key swing state ... tied 8-justice Supreme Court ... controversial voting restrictions blocked two months before Election Day. Tierney Sneed has the details.

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