07.28.2016 - 9:20 PM EDT

I try to remain, if not immune, then at least at a distance from the heartstring pulling of political conventions. But the speech from Khizr Khan puts that effort to the limit. Past the limit.

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07.28.2016 - 8:03 PM EDT

Let's be realistic. GOP intransigence on Obamacare is not going to evaporate. But Tierney Sneed reports from Philly on why health care advisers in the Clinton circle are optimistic there are avenues to advance reforms. Worth a read.

07.28.2016 - 4:43 PM EDT

It's been a wild two weeks. There's a decent argument that it's been a couple of the wildest weeks in modern American politics. Think about it. But with the final day of the Dems' convention upon us I wanted to remind you that we're holding our big membership drive. We've made, or rather you've made a great start of it in the first two weeks of our drive - over 1000 new subscribers. But that's just a dent in our goal. So if you're enjoying our coverage, if you feel like you can't do without us then - really - we can't do without you. As we gear up for the big night, if you're a regular reader but not yet a member, join us and your fellow readers and sign up right now. Just click right here. You're be glad you did.

07.28.2016 - 4:10 PM EDT

Many readers tell me these days they've been reading TPM since the very beginning. If you've really been reading since near the beginning you'll remember that - oddly, paradoxically - TPM was early on the story of the death of congressional intern Chandra Levy, while official Washington was still mainly averting its eyes because it held then-Congressman Gary Condit (D-CA) in such high regard. The whole tragic story elevated into a vast media circus in the summer of 2001 and was only knocked out of the headlines by the staggering news of the September 11th attacks that closed out the summer. Despite vast suspicion centering on Condit, who was having an affair with Levy at the time she was killed, years later the story took an unexpected turn when a petty criminal named Ingmar Guandique was charged with and later convicted of the crime. Now, almost 15 years later, the case has taken another dramatic turn.

07.28.2016 - 12:19 PM EDT

Let's just note here for the record that Trump has again said that Vladimir Putin is a better "leader" than President Obama. Set aside whatever quarrels we have with Putin. He is unquestionably an autocrat who has usurped virtually all power in his country, rendered all but the most marginal media subservient to the state, jailed major political opponents, especially those wealthy enough to have independent bases of power - or worse. Putin didn't invent autocracy and he's certainly not the worst autocrat the world has ever seen. But he is an almost textbook embodiment autocracy, complete with his own mid-range early 21st century cult of personality. That is one version of leadership. But it's more like domination. It's not one that anyone in a democracy or someone who seeks to lead a democracy should see anything to compliment in or as a model of leadership to emulate. Joseph Stalin or Augusto Pinochet weren't just great leaders who got too leadery. They were autocrats, albeit with different death tolls. There's a difference.

07.28.2016 - 11:30 AM EDT

Hey! Tierney and Lauren are answering questions in the Hive from the Democratic National Convention!

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