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More on the Fox Effect ...

TPM Reader JOD chimes in with his experience with 'the Fox effect'. I think it's important to recognize in these stories that you don't just stand up a new TV network and suddenly you're changing the the political and racial attitudes of a whole generation of baby boomers and pre-boomers. There's much more cause and effect at work. But these things can be powerful catalysts. There's a reason why people invest in propaganda. It works. Just not in a vacuum.

Just a backup to what reader RL had to say...

I was brought up in a very multi-ethnic working class community where nearly everyone was more or less on the same socio-economic level. I ran around with white, black, Hispanic and Indian kids. We were all always in and out of each other’s houses and all of our parents got along very well. This was the 1970s.

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More Than One Thing Happened in 2008

TPM Reader JB adds to our "Hard to Handle" thread on the subject of race and reminds us of that other elephant in the room ...

I've been following with interest the series of TPM posts on race. They touch on many points I think are correct, but so far at least are leaving out something important.

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Is There a Fox Effect?

Continuing our 'Hard to Handle' series, TPM Reader RL talks about the acculturating effects of two very different institutions: the US military and Fox News ...

I'm sure you've heard many stories from your readers about kindly relatives who were racists. Mine go back a couple of generations. I was raised in a military family and despite the conservatism inherent in the military, socially (at least as far as race goes) it has always been reasonably progressive. By the time I was growing up in the 60's it was fully integrated and my parents racial views more or less followed the military lead.

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