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Remember how one of the biggest GOP attack memes on Obamacare was enrollees not actually paying their premiums? Sure, they might be "signing up," but were they actually writing that check when it counts?

Well, today the government announced that more than 7 million people have enrolled and paid their premiums. To put that number in perspective, 7 million was the target for signups during the open enrollment period, without regard to whether they had paid yet.

Did people pay in significant numbers? Yes. Is a death spiral looming? For this and myriad other reasons, no.

Somethin's Fishy

Does Ted Cruz's new top candidate in New Hampshire actually have Obamacare even though she bashes it? Or does she have a non-Obamacare compliant Freedom Fighter plan? Does she even have health insurance at all? Normally these questions would be private matters. But basing her campaign in large part around bashing Obamacare they become relevant. And everyone got curious after she initially refused to answer the question. We tried to get to the bottom of the story yesterday after her campaign had managed to snow other news outlets that didn't seem to catch the contradictions in the earlier statements from the campaign. We talked to them and got a series of statements that didn't seem to add up or didn't show any clear understanding of how health care insurance or Obamacare works, requests to go off the record and more. Finally we were told the campaign would send a definitive statement by the end of yesterday. That statement never came and now they've gone silent entirely. Here's the latest on what we've learned.