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It Will Catch Up with Him

At the end of last week we ran several stories on this fundraising dinner Ted Cruz in Manhattan (yes, he was there looking for money) hosted by two prominent gay hoteliers and his effort - like other Republican presidential candidates - to lash out at the "radical gay marriage agenda" as "illegitimate" on the campaign trail while blithely treating the whole issue as an issue best left to states when trying to get money from gay men in New York.

But something else happened at the end of last week that got less attention. One of the main reasons why soon-to-be Attorney General Loretta Lynch's nomination was held up for an unprecedented period of time was that Senator Cruz made it yet another on his list of life or death points of principle for the Conservative movement. And yet, when the whole tangle got solved and she finally got her vote, Cruz didn't even show up to vote.

He was off raising money.

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Don't Forget to Log In!

I'm happy to report that we've welcomed over 1300 new subscribers to Prime so far this year. And we are extremely happy about that. Subscription revenue is a key part of the livelihood of this site. I know that for many of you one of the biggest motivations for subscribing is simply to support TPM. And that's great. But if you've joined, definitely be sure to sign in to the site. Here's why. Even if you don't care that much about the additional stories and features, the Prime version of the site is a lot faster and a lot less cluttered with ads. The way the log-in works, you sign in once and you'll basically stay logged in indefinitely. So sign in. You'll be glad you did.

Uh Oh

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS cancels event that was to be hosted at venue apparently owned by gay hoteliers who hosted fundraiser for Ted Cruz. This seems to be the beginning of a backlash against the fundraiser's hosts. From the BC/EFA website ...

A message from Executive Director Tom Viola:

It is with regret that we have decided to cancel this year’s edition of the Broadway Bares Solo Strips fundraiser, which was scheduled for May 10 at the NYC club 42West. We cannot in good conscience hold an event at a venue whose owners have alienated our community, as reflected in an April 23 New York Times story and anApril 24 follow-up post.

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Okay, This Is My Kind of Canola Policy Wonk

Okay, we've already heard from ill-tempered TPM Reader CB on the Canola Oil/rapeseed oil policy debate. Now a more interesting a even-tempered follow-up from TPM Reader SR ...

Okay, as enough of a foodie to still be DVRing “Good Eats” reruns, I now have to chime in with two exclamations phrased as questions, and an important piece of new info.

1. Rapeseed and canola plants are brassicas? Whoa! Who knew? And I’m not being facetious. Ever since I learned (yeah, from Alton Brown) that a ginormous number of the things we think are different vegetables are barely distinguishable from each other genetically, I’ve just been fascinated by the whole brassica thing.

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More Thoughts on the GOP Gay Rights Mullet

Ted Cruz has now responded to the brouhaha over his Manhattan fundraiser hosted by two prominent gay hoteliers. He argues that there's no contradiction between his opposition to gay marriage and saying that he would love his daughter if one of his two daughters was gay. In truth, there really is not a necessary contradiction. That's a totally valid point. But that hardly exhausts the issue or the balancing act (to use a generous formulation) that national Republicans are trying to pull off. They have to balance between a base that remains committed to opposing not only gay marriage but what we might call the normalization of gay life under the law, and a general public that has really moved on from this issue and is beginning to see legal inequality as on the par with de jure racial discrimination. As I said yesterday, we're seeing the rise of a gay rights policy mullet - same old same old when talking to the base, but a very different way of talking about attitudes toward LGBT Americans when talking to the general public - and specifically, super-rich campaign donors.

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Canola Oil Will Not Be Impugned!

We've gotten a veritable avalanche of emails in response to my post on the secret history of Canola Oil. Some are particularly vehement. Which brings me to one in particular from TPM Reader CB. He actually says in his email "Please don't use my name anywhere" so I am simply referring as 'Canola Oil Badass' (i.e. 'CB') who accuses me of "playing up the 'secret conspiracy' angle [to] you denigrate a very healthy and affordable food oil by smearing it as the product of some sort of nefarious, secret scheme."

From CB ...

Josh's Canola post had a slightly off smell to it for me: I'll try to explain why.

1. Why revel in your ignorance? That Canola is from a plant developed from plants in the large family of rape vegetables is not a secret, and most cooks know what it is.

2. Which leads me to, "You don't cook, do you?" Canola is better for pan or wok frying because its smoke point is up to 100 degrees higher than olive oil.

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What's The Fallout?

I flagged this story yesterday. Joe Arpaio, the antic Sheriff from down in Maricopa County, Arizona, hired a PI to investigate the wife of a federal judge who was overseeing HIS trial. He admitted this yesterday under oath. That sounds like the kind of thing that can get you in big big trouble. Curious to hear from our lawyer readers, particularly with experience with the federal courts, just what the fallout from something like this could be.

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