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Making Sense of Darren Wilson's Story

We should always be careful not to force concrete individual events - individual tragedies - into the greater, broader social injustices into which they seem to and may indeed fit. It's with this skepticism that I've approached the death of Michael Brown from the start. So I was surprised that finally reading Darren Wilson's testimony changed my impression of what happened a lot.

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Are Legal Immigrants the Biggest Victims?

One of the most frequent refrains you will hear in discussions of immigration policy is that the real victims of efforts to 'legalize' undocumented immigrants are legal immigrants, in other words, the folks who went to the trouble to follow the rules and gain residency legitimately. Everybody is entitled to their opinion of course. But a new poll suggests that legal immigrants themselves do not agree.

A poll out this morning shows that 89% of Hispanic voters support the President's actions. That number itself is eye-popping. 76% of Hispanic Republicans support the President's move. The number is 95% for Hispanic Democrats. That's about as close as you ever get in polling to just saying a particular group is essentially unanimous.

But when I saw these numbers it made me think about that question above - how do legal immigrants feel about this?

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Team Hagel Speaks Up

Steve Clemons is close to out-going Sec Def Hagel and played a significant role in the background politicking that led to Hagel's nomination two years ago. (Full disclosure: he's also a long time personal friend.) We reached out to Steve to get his sense of what's behind this morning's surprising announcement and perhaps some of Hagel's too. He didn't hold back.