GOP Doesn’t Know What To Do If SCOTUS Actually Guts O-Care


Many Republicans would view it as a dream come true if the Supreme Court were to slash a centerpiece of Obamacare by the end of June. But that dream could fade into a nightmare as the spotlight turns to the Republican Congress to fix the mayhem that could ensue.

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Is the Net Tightening?

The administration seems to be upping the pressure, tightening the net around the political operative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put in place as his (and yes, I use that adjective advisedly) Ambassador to the US. The Times today reports that the White House has upped the ante, explicitly attacking Dermer's behavior in a statement to the Times. Oddly, unless I'm misreading the article, the Times doesn't actually quote what the unnamed but authorized "senior American official" said - which is odd and slightly undercuts the impact. But they provide the gist: "an unusually sharp criticism by a senior administration official who said that the Israeli ambassador, Ron Dermer, who helped orchestrate the invitation, had repeatedly placed Mr. Netanyahu’s political fortunes above the relationship between Israel and the United States."

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Story of the Day

As a new poll says the public overwhelmingly wants Congress to fix the subsidy gap if the Supreme Court makes a corrupt bargain with the GOP and invalidates subsidies in states without state-run Obamacare market places, House Republicans demand the White House tells them what they will do if subsidies are pulled.

Apparently Republicans haven't thought through what they'll do if they succeed in blowing up the country's health care system and pulling coverage from millions of Americans.

Grand Illusion

Jeff Goldberg walks through the Boehner/Netanyahu Pact on every conceivable path and can't find one where it's not a disaster. Too true. Painfully true. To be clear, he's talking about a disaster for Israel and its security - not necessarily Netanyahu's electoral fortunes. He doesn't address that. Jeff also sees the move - or at least does so in this article - exclusively through the lens of Netanyahu's Iran fixation. I tend to think domestic politics plays a very large role as well. I would find the nature of the Iranian threat to Israel more convincing if the leaders of Israel's defense establishment saw it the way Netanyahu does. And they do not. Unlike Rabin, Barak or Sharon, he is no military man, though he served in one of the IDF's elite units as a young man. But that question is almost secondary to the key point Jeff makes, which is that in a fight he almost certainly cannot win (coercing Obama into abandoning his Iran policy) he is directly and immediately threatening - and more than threatening, concretely damaging - a lynchpin of Israeli security: the US alliance. The damage is not just with this President, who after all will be out of office in less than two years, but with Democrats and even American Jewry.

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Check This Out

With everything that has happened over the last six-odd months, we wanted to do a story on African-American and Hispanic police officers - how they're reacting, what they're thinking in the aftermath of Ferguson and Garner. As you'd expect, getting people to talk was extremely difficult. But Aurin Squire did get people to talk. And what he heard was fascinating and in many cases not what you'd likely expect. Check it out. A must-read piece I'm very proud of.

Okay, All Good. Crisis Averted.

As you've no doubt seen, a stretch of the Northeast, from New York to Boston, is bundling down for a mammoth blizzard that may be anywhere from a historic storm to just a big storm. Our New York City staff is going to be working remotely tomorrow; our headquarters will be closed. But personally the major crisis was that I had let this epic storm coincide with our getting perilously low on my supply of Grady's Cold Brew Ice Coffee. And in case you think I'm kidding, I'm not.

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