Boehner Caves In Shutdown Fight Against Obama's Executive Actions


It was all but inevitable, and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) finally cut his losses on Tuesday, telling House Republicans he will allow a vote on legislation to fund the Department of Homeland Security without any immigration restrictions. The “clean” DHS funding bill could come up as early as Tuesday.

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King of Israel

Bear in mind while you watch this that over the last three weeks Netanyahu's poll numbers and those of his party have been slipping.

11:30 AM: It would be interesting to watch this speech with subtitles which detailed the specific ways in which each point Netanyahu makes is misleading or simply false.

11:32 AM: A key point Netanyahu is making is that the Iranian "break out" phase will be short and that Israel believes it will be shorter than US intelligence believes it will be. Remember, that we now know Netanyahu specifically and repeatedly misstated what Israel's intelligence agencies were telling him about the Iranian program in his 2012 speech to the UN.

Taking the Long View

There is a fascinating new study out the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences pointing to a connection between the slow story of climate change and the Syrian Civil War, which of course is the setting out of which ISIS and the current regional war war emerged. Connecting climate change to such a charged on-going event will of course drive attention and controversy. But what is equally interesting to me is the much more uncontroversial claim that in addition to the regional movement of the Arab Spring and the on-going refugee crisis spurred by the Iraq War, the 2007-2010 was destabilizing the Syrian regime out of our view (at least most of us who don't follow these matters closely.)

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Job One

Anshel Pfeffer has this right. The aim of today's speech is to keep Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Notably, though he still has the best shot at forming the next government, Netanyahu personally and his party have slipped in the polls over the last two weeks. Notably, Netanyahu's top political advisor, Ron Dermer, who currently serves as Ambassador to the US, was in Jerusalem for the last ten days advising on the speech and Netanyahu's reelection campaign during one of the tensest period between the two countries in decades.

Still More

There are now apparently 51 members of Congress not attending Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech tomorrow. Seven Senators and 44 members of the House. The latest is Sen. Al Franken (D). The list is heavily weighted toward African-Americans but also toward Jews. By my count, Franken is the 6th Jewish member of Congress to sit it out.

Thanks, Folks

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who signed up for Prime in February - a total of 342 new subscribers. We have a goal of adding 4,000 new subscribers by July. Becoming a member of Prime is a critical part of our business model at TPM. But this year we're also increasing what members get.

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Sure, They'll Fix It

Can Republicans really convince John Roberts they'll fix Obamacare if one of the GOP senators in charge of devising a fix is publicly calling it another step on the road to "socialism"?

Pants on Fire

We're about to see a mountain of writing and hoopla this week about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to the United States and speech before Congress. A guy on Twitter asked me if a comment I made was meant to be ironic. My thought was to tell him that irony simply doesn't have the muscle mass to handle what's coming down the pike this week. Only snark and absurdism can manage it. But with all this one of the most significant developments has gone all but unmentioned. We now have dramatic new evidence of Netanyahu's willingness to distort or simply falsify what his own intelligence agencies are telling him about the state of Iran's nuclear program when he speaks to the U.S. and the world.

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Grand Bargain

Obama agrees to meet Netanyahu. Netanyahu agrees to use juice with House GOP to fund DHS.

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