08.27.2016 - 1:08 PM EDT

On Friday The Guardian uncovered that Steve Bannon was registered to vote at a residence in Florida where he does not in fact live. In response to that story, Bannon moved his registration to the home of business associate and sometime Breitbart contributor Andy Badolato, also in Florida. That's curious since, again, Bannon doesn't seem to live in Florida or maintain even a nominal residence there. If he gets dinged for being registered to vote in a state he doesn't live in, why switch to another address in the same state? Perhaps there's some home he lives in in Florida that I haven't heard about. But if he does, why is he registering to vote at the house of Andy Badolato?

I asked someone familiar with Bannon where he actually lived. I'm told he has a loft in New York City and a condo he co-owns in Los Angeles. When he's in DC he stays at a place the Breitbart crew refers to as the 'Breitbart Embassy', actually a townhouse owned by an Egyptian businessman.

08.26.2016 - 3:12 PM EDT

The TPM Senate Scoreboard currently stands at Democrats 50, GOP 49, Toss Up 1. (This count includes independents with whichever party they caucus with.) Beneath the numbers the Democrats look well positioned to control the Senate in 2017.

08.26.2016 - 1:26 PM EDT

In the novel we're currently living in, this would be an unrealistic plot development. The editor would strike it from the narrative. But Donald Trump has no editor. So this is happening. Trump is hiring Bill Stepien, a central, implicated and almost immediately fired, figure in the Christie Bridgegate scandal as his national field director. Yes, that's happening. And yes, you're supposed to have a national field director before late August. And quite possibly, yes, this means the Trump field campaign will focus on engineering a crippling election day traffic jam in every black neighborhood in the country. Here's the full story.

08.26.2016 - 12:44 PM EDT

This is far from the biggest problem plaguing Donald Trump's campaign. But as we get into the thick of the fall campaign, it's worth noting. Kellyanne Conway now carries the label campaign manager. But that does not appear to be what she's doing. Campaign Managers seldom make many press appearances. Frequently they're almost totally invisible to the public. In part that's because it's a different skill set. But the bigger issue is that being campaign manager requires a huge investment of time. You simply don't have time to do the job while making constant TV appearances - especially self-destructive, or at least campaign self-destructive appearances like Conway's appearance on Rachel Maddow's show.

08.26.2016 - 10:39 AM EDT

It's gotta be tough for Paul LePage to watch Donald Trump corner the market on Crazy. So he overcompensates.

08.26.2016 - 1:38 AM EDT

From Sarah Ellison's latest report on the Ailes' scandal ...

In less than two weeks, however, [Ailes] was out. The wooden door that famously cordoned his office suite from prying eyes was removed. Within, two handguns were discovered—one a Glock, the other a Smith & Wesson—with ammunition for both. (“Roger has a permit for those two guns,” Ailes’s attorney, Susan Estrich, told me, adding that her client has a license to carry a handgun in New York, “for his personal protection.” She continued: “Those guns are licensed and appropriate.” Ailes has repeatedly denied all allegations of sexual harassment.)

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