Bill Maher To Ted Cruz: ‘You, Sir, Are No Galileo’


Bill Maher slammed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” for denying climate change and comparing himself to Galileo. Cruz previously compared his denial of climate change to Galileo’s rejection of the “scientific wisdom” of his day.

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Renewable Energy Is Growing Faster Than You Realize

This Spring we're running a five part series on the rapid growth of renewable energy over the last five years. It's a fascinating story and one I at least was not fully aware. Here's installment one and two of the series and installment three is coming soon. These articles and projects are part of our TPMPrime membership program. This kind of work can't get done without your membership and support. Signing up not only gets you a lot of added benefits at TPM (fewer ads, more stories, features) and access to these stories, it also makes it possible for us to fund these efforts. If you're not a members, sign up now. It's just 14 cents a day. And it's a critical part of keeping TPM healthy, vital and growing.

When Ooops Won't Really Do

The FBI and the DOJ, working with the Innocence Project and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is formally acknowledging that nearly all of the hair match evidence testimony its experts provided from the middle 1970s through the year 2000 was flawed and significantly overstated the likelihood of a match.

From the Post ...

Of 28 examiners with the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit, 26 overstated forensic matches in ways that favored prosecutors in more than 95 percent of the 268 trials reviewed so far ...

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Revisionist History

Natan Sharansky has an oped today in the Washington Post (exactly where you'd expect it). And reading it, crazy as this must sound, it's clear that Sharansky needs something of a refresher course in what actually happened during the Cold War. The premise of his argument is that in its dealings with Iran America has lost the moral clarity and confidence that it had during the Cold War - and apparently more or less consistently until President Obama came into office.

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Now He's Ready

I've already gotten a lot of interesting responses to my Hillary question below. And I'm going to be publishing a lot of them over the weekend. But this one has a fascinating twist.

From TPM Reader EB ...

Here are my thoughts on Hillary…

Back in ’06 and ‘07, I was 100% against Hillary and pulling for Obama to first enter the race and then become the nominee because I thought that Obama would give us the best chance, if he won, to move beyond the partisan politics of both the Clinton and Bush years.

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Are You Ready for Hillary?

I've mentioned a couple times that Democrats appear to be at the beginning of an all but unprecedented primary season in which the outcome appears so foreordained as to change the whole nature of the process. So I wanted to ask readers? Are you ready for Hillary? Are you a supporter? If not, are you ready to be?

I am not looking for any particular answers. I'm just curious to hear people's thoughts, Democrats who are going to vote for the Democratic nominee regardless. What's your thinking at this point. Want to share your thoughts? Shoot me an email at our comments email address.


I'm not sure that Senators in deep red states are that worried about this. But here Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) explains what he sees as the GOP's biggest fear if Obamacare gets gutted by the Supreme Court. Must read. And potential deadly for GOP senators from blue and purple states.

Also, worth noting here that millions of people losing access to health care insurance in itself does not seem to be figuring as a major concern.

This exchange is priceless ...

JOHNSON: Unfortunately, President Obama's response to an adverse decision — in other words one that actually follows the law — would be really simple. Just a one-sentence bill allowing people’s subsidies to flow to federal exchanges and/or offer the governors, 'Hey, we know you got those federal exchanges. Just sign the bottom line. We’ll make those established by the state.' And of course, he'll have the ads all racked up with the individuals that have benefited from Obamacare on the backs of the American taxpayer. He'll have all those examples as well so...

WEBER: And the sad sack stories about who's dying from what and why they can’t get their coverage.


Emphasis added.

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