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It's Over

It's obscured a bit by the utterly indefensible legal position of the Kentucky clerk refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, but Amanda Marcotte astutely observes how the episode reveals that mainstream conservatives have basically given up the fight on gay marriage.

Know Your Audience?

The CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce says Trump was very conciliatory in a private meeting this week:

The Donald Trump that I met today and that I sat with today was very different from the Donald Trump that I saw in the media ... He was a gentleman. He listened much more than he spoke. He asked questions.


Keep An Eye On This Carson Fellow

Ed Kilgore on Ben Carson: "Carson’s distinguished life and his whole manner of presentation numbs the mind to his extremism—except to the initiated, who nod knowingly at every reference to Alinsky and 'political correctness.'"

No Place Left To Hide

Federal judge summons Kentucky county clerk AND her entire staff to explain why she should not face stiff fine or jail time for refusing the court's order to issue same-sex marriage licenses, with special video bonus of her refusing a license to a gay couple this morning after the Supreme Court declined to bail her out.


If you weren't following on Twitter, you missed James O'Keefe's big belly flop this morning in front of the DC political press. Really must read.

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