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Mayor not anti-Semite, Just Thinks Jews Destroying America

The local paper in the hometown of Jewish Center shooter Frazier Glenn Miller seems oddly solicitous of the town's new Mayor who has spoken up as a supporter of Miller's views. Says the Aurora Advertiser ...

Utilizing his First Amendment rights, Clevenger has made what some term as anti-Semitic and racist comments. The comments came as he spoke about the alleged involvement of local resident Frazier Glenn Miller (also known as Frazier Glenn Cross) in the shooting and subsequent deaths of three individuals in Overland Park, Kansas, on April 13.

Interestingly, Mayor Clevenger's views came in for some controversy before he was elected last week when an old letter to the editor emerged in which he championed Miller's views and decried the "Jew-run medical industry" and the "Jew-run government backed banking industry."

Clevenger insists he's not a racist or anti-semite but was only "point[ing] out the corporations responsible for destroying the United States are run by Jews."

Hate Group Threatens to Sue TPM for Calling it a "Hate Group"

So Friday we got a demand letter from a anti-immigrant hate group down in Arizona, threatening to sue us for identifying them as a "hate group". After our lawyers sounded the all clear, we reported deeper on the story and discovered the big problem is the top cheese in the organization, Glenn Spencer, thinks the persistent "hate group" label is preventing him from selling his crack new anti-immigrant border technology to the feds. Here's the story.

Comments Update

We'd hoped to open the beta testing phase of our new comments system to the larger community this evening. We just about got there. But there was one more performance enhancement we wanted to do before we did so. We hope to have the beta larger for the whole community tomorrow morning.

This is Going to Be Good

For those who watch these things the exquisitely fragile glass jaw of the Brian Ross investigative unit at ABC News has been an extremely open secret for roughly forever. And now it seems like ABC's (extremely ill-considered fight) to try to force its way into a Pulitzer Prize could bring it all out. Here's the story - where they're burned scorchingly by the folks they're trying to take the prize from.

For those life forms that subsist on schadenfreude, this could be the feast of all feasts.

Harder to Handle

Must read from TPM Reader SB ...

I know from my personal experience that people with strong racial and other biases are unlikely to admit those biases even to themselves. I grew up in a Republican family. My parents voted the straight Republican ticket in every election. They never espoused hatred toward blacks, hispanics, Jews, or any other group.

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Thoughts on "Hard to Handle"

I think TPM Reader RC is imputing naiveté where what I was expressing was more a matter cognitive dissonance on latter-day Ron Paul and his role as - no other way to say it - prominent figure in far-right white nationalist politics. But powerful personal account from RC ...

I must take issue with you on this comment, although I certainly understand it:

"Personally, I have to say that it's always been difficult for me to square this history with the kindly old guy many of us got to know in recent years."

This is in fact a summation of the entire conservative view that "nice" people can't be racists, or that only outwardly vicious people can be called such. It's problematic and it's more than a little naïve.

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