07.26.2016 - 3:10 PM EDT

I'm trying to figure out what business deals Donald Trump is doing with Vladimir Putin. But I need to be able to multitask. So did I mention we're doing a really important membership sign up drive to make TPM awesomeness now and in the future? If I didn't, we are. And it's important. If you feel like you need us, then we definitely need you. Take a moment, click here and become part of what we do. Thank you.

07.26.2016 - 2:27 PM EDT

Yesterday, Rick Wilson, a Republican operative who has now moved into dissident status as a vociferous Trump critic, suggested that journalists ask Trump the following question: "Do you, or any of your business units have outstanding loans with Russian banks or individuals? If so, how much?”

Newsweek asked and got this answer from Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks: "Mr. Trump does not have any business dealings in/with Russia."

07.26.2016 - 11:33 AM EDT

This morning we're publishing the second edition of TPM's new virtual magazine, The Arch with an article (sub.req) on the life of Mary Church Terrell, a pivotal leader of the fight against Jim Crow who most of public memory and much of history has simply forgotten. The Arch is part of our TPM Prime membership program. We hope you love it and I look forward to you feedback and your comments in the comments section.

07.26.2016 - 9:54 AM EDT

Conduct a thought experiment. If Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush were the nominee, how would they be dealing with the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? My answer: they would be trying to tar Clinton by her association with Sanders and his radical followers. Think about the way Republicans dealt with Barack Obama’s candidacy in 2008. Now pivot to how Donald Trump is dealing with Clinton-Kaine and Sanders.

07.25.2016 - 11:28 PM EDT

I'm curious how this speech was crafted, how much of a role Sanders himself had in writing it. (Presumably the same speechwriters from the campaign, with whatever level of rewrites he does, like every other politician.) It was particularly well put together in terms of giving voice to what animated his campaign while pivoting to supporting Hillary and not having either seem forced, contrived or false. That's not the easiest thing to do. That is an understatement. What really brought it together though was that Sanders heart and head seemed very much in it. He managed to bring all the furious intensity he is capable of to this speech. It was really quite something.

07.25.2016 - 10:29 PM EDT

That was an extraordinary speech.

I would have to go back and watch the 2008 speeches in their entirety. Michelle Obama was certainly a very solid speaker for a non-politician eight years ago. But I do not remember that kind of command, confidence and grace. She seemed more like someone who did very well in a role she was not entirely comfortable with, one thrust upon her. It's bracing and enlivening to see how she has taken possession of her role as a towering public figure in American popular and political culture.

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