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Hiring: Features Editor

TPM is hiring a Features Editor who will work out of our New York City office. This is not just a new opening. It's an entirely new position, one of we've never had before. So we're very excited about the hire and very focused on finding just the right person.

Almost all of our news staff - editors and reporters - is focused on the kind of rapid-fire, iterative coverage of politics and news you know us for. We've created this new position to focus entirely on new areas we're expanding into - opinion, features, longform articles, most of which of which will come from outside contributors. That means the time pace and the range of topics the Features Editor will work on will be significantly different from the rest of our editorial staff. This is an exciting an opportunity to help us expand TPM in a challenging, fruitful new direction.

See our listing after the jump.

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Iraqi Kurds seize 2 north major oil fields outside Kirkuk.

The Kurds of the Kurdish Regional Government already have made it clear that that the minimum price for their remaining within Iraq is keeping Kirkuk, which most Kurds see as a, perhaps the Kurdish city.

Truly Astounding

What's up with Indiana? We did a couple double takes this afternoon when we first heard this story because it didn't seem like it could possibly be true. And yet it is. The Indiana state ethics commission has ruled that state officeholders may not use state-owned property for political or campaign activity (sounds reasonable enough) ... unless they put specific policies in place allowing themselves to do so.

So no using tax payer resources to run your campaign for reelection unless your write yourself a rule that says you can.