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The Great Gifting

When did the final moment come in your mind? There are so many contenders. For me it's the cultural destruction of the Dukes of Hazzard or perhaps the announced decision of golfer Bubba Watson, who bought the original 'General Lee', that he will paint over the Confederate Flag on the 1969 Dodge Charger's roof and replace it with an American flag. But whatever the breakthrough moment is, there's no way not to stand in awe at the rapidity of the change. Across the country, or more specifically across the South, one-time supporters of the Confederate flag, flying it over state capitols or in other places of reverence have suddenly decided that the flag's day is done. But there's a parallel movement afoot.

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A Very Telling Silence

The immediate threat to Wisconsin's public records law seems to have passed, but the question of who was behind the move to essentially eliminate it remains very live.

We now have the state legislature's Republican leaders admitting they knew about it in advance, but Gov. Scott Walker still mum on the subject -- which may tell you everything you need to know.

Here's the latest on who know what and when.

Tossed Over the Color Line

1955: A staunch segregationist sheriff (Willis V. McCall) reclassifies a "white" family Lake Country, Florida as "black", triggering a forced move out of a white neighborhood, expulsion from white schools and this article in Ebony magazine.

Trump Will Be Trump

Donald Trump's new three-page diatribe slashing his critics, his former corporate partners, Mexican immigrants, and the government of Mexico is pure Trump, all the way down to this classic self-pitying line about his three-week old candidacy: "I have lost a lot during this Presidential run defending the people of the United States."

Chat with Michael Moss, author of NYT Bestseller 'Salt, Sugar, Fat'

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author of New York Times bestseller 'Salt Sugar Fat' Michael Moss will chat with Prime members in The Hive (sub req) today at 2 PM Eastern. Moss is an expert on the food industry, having worked as a reporter at The Wall Street Journal and New York Times. He focuses on the industry in the context of health, safety, nutrition, politics, and corporate interests. 'Salt Sugar Fat' won the 2014 James Beard Foundation Book Award for Writing & Literature, and Michael Pollan called it "a Fast Food Nation for the processed food industry."

Michael will be answering questions about his book, his reporting, and the politics and economics of what we eat. Please drop your questions here!

— Joe Ragazzo

'Traditional Marriage 2.0': Even My Own Family Doesn't Support Me

It may well be true that Scott Walker opposes marriage equality and his wife and kids support it. But I feel like this is the next stage or perhaps the last stage of the marriage debate: GOP pols who, for whatever reason, remain adamantly opposed to equal marriage rights but who nevertheless put their families forward to say they disagree with them and are perfectly comfortable with gay people and LGBT equality.

To be clear, in this case, I'm not saying Scott Walker's wife and kids aren't telling the truth. I'm sure they are. But politically, I think the message is: 'Look, I can't be that big a hater. Even my family doesn't oppose this!' Not only does it soften the pol's image. It's an implicit signal, for those who want to receive it, that the candidate probably doesn't believe it either. He's just stuck in this position out of political necessity or inertia.

Trump on Fire

It's not too early to say it and we shouldn't be afraid to face facts: We're entering a new Golden Age of Donald Trump news. I know many of you are impatient with the attention we sometimes give Trump - despite reading the same news assiduously (we've got data, don't deny it!). Even I get sort of bored and impatient with it. But not now. Now we're in new territory. As we know, over recent years, Trump has ditched his old brand as a cartoonish plutocrat, comfortable in the multi-cultural world of New York media and celebrity culture, to rebrand himself as an clown-car racist and populist xenophobe. And now finally the chickens or whatever farm animals Trump cavorts with are coming home to roost. Whatever damage he's doing to his own businesses, he has become the doofus bull, enraged and ridiculous, let loose in the China shop of GOP electoral vulnerabilities.

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The Latest from Walksconsin

Some delightfully revealing developments out of Wisconsin, where Scott Walker's Republican legislative majorities have passed out of committee a provision canceling Wisconsin's 'open records' law, some form of which exists in almost every state, though more comprehensively than most in Wisconsin. As the State Journal puts it, "The proposal blocks the public from reviewing nearly all records created by lawmakers, state and local officials or their aides, including electronic communications and the drafting files of legislation. The language was included in the final version of the state’s 2015-17 budget, which passed the Legislature’s budget committee on a party-line vote late Thursday. The budget bill next goes to the full Assembly and Senate."

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We're Looking For A Features Intern!

TPM is looking for a Features Intern to assist with TPMCafe, our op-ed section, and The Slice, our features section that gets to the gut-level, human side of (mostly) American culture and politics. The Slice publishes researched essays, personal narrative and voicey reported pieces on things like politics, sex, identity, crime, history, pop culture and family. Read what we’ve published so far here, and read more from the editor here and here.

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