Candidate’s Suicide/Anti-Semitism Charges Ripping MO GOP Apart


Missouri GOPers began to break their silence about the state GOP chairman’s alleged link to state Auditor Tom Schweich’s (R) suicide. Former U.S. Sen. John Danforth (R-MO) rejected Missouri GOP Chair John Hancock’s denials about being involved in an anti-Semitic “whisper campaign.”

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Shocking, Tragic

A Republican aide was on the phone with late Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich just before he killed himself. He told her about his outrage over a whispering campaign about his religion, threatened to kill himself and then handed the phone to his wife. Seconds later, Schweich's wife Kathy said, "He shot himself!"


"Despite a small minority of Democrats and Israeli reporters seeking to curry favor with Obama, Netanyahu's speech to Congress elicited overwhelming support."

Israel Hayom (Israel Today) is the money-losing free news daily which Sheldon Adelson set up in 2007 mainly to support Benjamin Netanyahu. In Israel it is often mocked "Bibiton" (The Bibi News, roughly). But through a mix of being free and popular it rocketed to being the most-read news daily. Netanyahu's opponents — not unreasonably — complain that the entire thing is a massive campaign/propaganda contribution to Netanyahu. In any case, I was looking at its English language version today and here's the 'deck' for their lead article on the site ...

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The arrest Eric Holder just described — the one with the guy who had just been playing basketball — is simply horrifying. We'll have a full write up on the DOJ's report on Ferguson later this afternoon.

We'll have details from the report itself later, but here are Holder's words describing the incident from his presentation this afternoon ...

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What's the Verdict in Israel?

Livni: “The ties between capital, government and [gambling] chips are destroying our vital relationship with the United States and undermining Israel’s security. Netanyahu and Adelson conceal the amount of money spent on Israel Hayom’s election propaganda. Adelson is a casino magnate who, with his billions, controls the Republicans in the United States, and here, he controls Netanyahu. And as in a puppet show, he pulls the political strings both there and here.”

Tzipi Livni is the number two candidate on the 'Zionist Camp' ticket. In effect she is running as a joint ticket with the Labor Party, headed by Yitzhak Herzog.

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Check This Out

Ed Kilgore reviews the new mini-debate about whether the American constitutional order is in fact doomed (I'm skeptical) and offers his own take. My own take is that the structure of American government (presidential vs parliamentary systems) is relatively unimportant. I'm closer to Chait in thinking the driving issue is the rise of conservative absolutism, grounded in white identity politics, coming into its own in mid-90s and growing, more or less, ever since.

Here We Go

TPM's Sahil Kapur will be at the Supreme Court at 10 a.m. ET for the oral arguments in King v. Burwell, the big Obamacare case. Look for his initial report later this morning. Meanwhile, here's his final dispatch before arguments, and if you're catching up, here's a one-stop shop for all our coverage of King v. Burwell (and the related Halbig case).

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