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Cuba ... Finally

You've seen by now the huge news that the US and Cuba are finally moving toward normalizing relations after more than half a century of official estrangement, if that's not too nice a way of putting it. Dylan Scott has the latest from the White House, with details of the the major diplomatic initiative, which included a big assist from Pope Francis.

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"To Protect You… From Me."

A sobering, intense email from TPM Reader AJ ...


As one 70 year old Black man who was born and raised in “segregated America” and raised my son in the new and improved “post-racial” America, please let me help you out.

You wrote…

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Police Tase 76 Year Old Over Expired Inspection Sticker

Police tase 76 year old man while trying to arrest him for driving with an expired inspection sticker. Watch.

As it happens, Pete Vasquez was driving a vehicle from the car dealership where he worked. It still had dealer tags. So it actually didn't require inspection stickers.