Obama: Media Ignored Baltimore Until It Started Burning


President Obama told reporters at a White House news conference on Tuesday that the media ignored peaceful protests in the city until violence erupted, and gave his views on the broader problems facing American cities. The President added that unrest will not go away until solutions are found beyond law enforcement.

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Brush With Greatness

I was at the White House Correspondence Association Dinner this weekend. As you can probably imagine, it is a fairly ridiculous affair, with celebrities, political celebrities, hangers on and one massive ballroom jammed so tight with tables that you literally have a hard time backing your seat out even to stand up. Doctors advise applying a thick layer of irony before going in to make it out with your dignity intact.

But this time I did have a peak experience.

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Yes, George W. Really Should Remain Silent

For all my many criticisms of him during his presidency, I have come to respect President Bush's post-presidency. He's kept out of the toxic political battles that came after he left office. He's had the confidence or perhaps simply the realism and detachment to leave it to posterity to judge his presidency and not try to duke it out in the 24/7 press cycle like his toxic second Dick Cheney. And there are moments of grace, like the recent 50th anniversary commemoration of the the March on Selma. DC's Republican leadership stayed away. But Bush was there. One might argue that there was little to be gained by Republicans attending since, in the nature of things, it was not going to be a receptive audience and they would be upstaged infinitely by the iconic symbolism of an African-American President. But the same applies to Bush. And he was there.

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Quote of the Day

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: "I understand anger, but what we're seeing isn't anger. It's disruption of a community. The same community they say they care about, they're destroying. You can't have it both ways."

Images: Baltimore Erupts

Images from looting and riots breaking out tonight in Baltimore, after the jump ...

(Ed.Note: There appears to have been more than one fire in Baltimore this afternoon and evening. The largest is at a senior center that was under construction. But there are conflicting reports about whether the fire was connected to the rioting and protests.]

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How Could This Happen?

I mentioned yesterday that a guy went public to the Las Vegas Sun claiming that he had made up a baseless rumor/conspiracy theory and tried to peddle it to a rightwing site to see just how credulous or irresponsible they would be. Turned out, pretty credulous and irresponsible! The story was that Harry Reid didn't get those injuries in an accident. It was his drunken brother beating him up. And John Hinderaker of Powerline Blog ran with it based on no evidence at all. This afternoon Brendan James talked to Hinderaker to understand how this could happen. You've really got to read this.

The Big Gay Day At SCOTUS

As you may know, tomorrow are oral arguments at the Supreme Court in what is likely to be the decisive case for marriage equality nationwide - and perhaps by extension LGBT equality writ large. TPM Managing Editor David Kurtz will be in the chambers covering the oral arguments. And after he writes up what he saw he will be taking your questions in a live chat at The Hive (sub req) tomorrow at 4 PM.

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