Parody Twitter Account Hilariously Skewers Jailed Kentucky Clerk


It’s been a busy week for the Rowan County clerk’s office. And if you think it’s been bad for county clerk Kim Davis – who’s now in federal custody for continually refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples – try being one of her coworkers.

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Let Us Not Rely on Hewitt Fatwas

I take a backseat to no one in thinking Donald Trump is an ignoramus and a buffoon. But the Times, having repeatedly stumbled in its coverage of the Iran deal and politicized foreign policy, should do better than to take Hugh Hewitt's word for it in judging foreign policy reality. I mean, really? Trump stumbled when he apparently thought Hewitt was referring to the Kurds when he asked him about the Iranian Quds Force and its commander Qasem Soleimani. In isolation, the two words can be easy to mishear. But in context, this tells us what we know, which is that Trump knows virtually nothing about anything happening in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Fiorina gets the Times seal of approval because she's been tutored in the kind of Movement Conservative bromides Hewitt is tasked to enforce.

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How Long Will Trump Still Be Funny?

Watching Trump's tour de force press conference just now where he announced his pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee, I got the first tickling of my conscience: At what point do I have to transition from laughing at what a disaster he is for Republicans to worrying about what a disaster he would be for America?

Quick Note On Contempt Of Court

The chatter about what kind of punishment Kim Davis, the refusenik Kentucky clerk, deserves for defying a federal court order to issue same-sex marriage licenses misses a key point. The judge in the case at this stage is primarily interested not in punitive action in the narrow sense but in compelling Davis to obey the order.

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Is Ben Carson Trump's Kryptonite?

New poll shows Trump still dominating the GOP field nationally, but this part is interesting: When paired in hypothetical one-on-one match-ups with the other GOP contenders, Trump actually loses decisively to only one candidate: Ben Carson. And it's not even close. Carson wins 55-36.

Welp ...

Women pols engaging in the same kind of hanky panky that has long infused male-dominated state capitals is a win for gender equality, I guess?


Where do the GOP presidential candidates stand on the refusenik Kentucky county clerk defying a court order to issue same-sex marriage licenses? Some support her, some don't -- and then there's the epic vagueness that is beginning to define Scott Walker's candidacy.

Thanks A Lot, Roger

If you have Patriots fans in your office who you've been chortling at about DeflateGate since January, I feel your pain. Acutely.

What's The Downside For Trump?

Reports are emerging this morning that Trump will go ahead and sign the RNC's pledge to support the GOP nominee. No indy or third party run. At least that's the pledge. And why not sign it? A pledge to Reince Priebus will not bind Trump or prevent him from mounting his own general election campaign if that's what Trump later decides to do.

So what does the RNC get out of this? Not only "not much," but this is perfect for Trump and terrible for the RNC.

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