Paul Ryan: Sorry Guys, It's Still No


Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) told NBC News through a spokesperson Friday that despite Republicans calling for him to enter the race for Speaker of the House, he’s still not interested.

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Is Paul Ryan the Unicorn?

Clearly from everything we're hearing, basically every Republican is hoping, begging, pleading with Paul Ryan to run for Speaker. And it seems clear he has the votes and then some. But here's what's not clear to me. The premise of the Ryan boomlet or avalanche is that he has so much heft and power - or popularity which means power and heft - that the Freedom Caucus and associated folks will essentially say, Okay, cool no shutdowns or debt default hostage taking.

And that seems like a very questionable proposition.

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Can Facebook and Apple Kill the Internet? Part 1

Over the years, as I became more and more of a publisher and small business owner, and devoted more and more time to those roles, I sometimes thought that I'd write a better blog about Internet publishing than politics since so much of my headspace was necessarily involved in everything that goes into publishing. I've had to learn quite a bit about it because the success of TPM has depended heavily on that knowledge and being able to act quickly on it. At the same time, if you're interested in the future of the U.S. economy, technology, and how it all plays out in our economic and civic lives, there's no more important and frankly fascinating topic than the long-term struggle between a three-way nexus of companies fighting over the future of technology, telecommunications, and what we awfully but now inevitably call "content" - songs, articles, images, everything that minds devise and want to share with others, almost always for money.

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Boehner's Secret Plan Ripens (Okay, Sorta)

Since there appears to be no significant House figure willing to run for Speaker, there's a massive push to cajole and pressure Paul Ryan into running. It seems crystal clear that he really, really doesn't want the job. But that doesn't mean he won't end up agreeing to take it. But here's the thing. People are starting to seriously moot the idea of Boehner remaining on in a caretaker role through the 2016 election. He doesn't need 218 votes. He's already Speaker. He doesn't need anything.

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Investment Advice

If you can think of investments that will benefit from a US government debt default, now's the time to buy.

Yes, this is hilarious but it has pretty terrible consequences for the country and perhaps the global economy.


I must say, even for this crew, this is really epic. McCarthy has dropped out of the Speaker's race. In favor of ...? Well, no one. I'm now watching Rep. Issa (R-CA) explaining how McCarthy is awesome, will remain on as Majority Leader, will be the most important endorsement as they try to find someone who they can carry over the finish line. But good lord!

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Josh Horwitz is the executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a nonprofit devoted to eradicating preventable, predictable gun violence. He has spent over two decades working on this issue in Washington, DC. Josh will be joining us in The Hive (sub req) today at 2 PM Eastern to discuss mass shootings in America, the work of his organization, and how to fight back against the NRA’s political power.

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