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Iraqi Kurds seize 2 north major oil fields outside Kirkuk.

The Kurds of the Kurdish Regional Government already have made it clear that that the minimum price for their remaining within Iraq is keeping Kirkuk, which most Kurds see as a, perhaps the Kurdish city.

Truly Astounding

What's up with Indiana? We did a couple double takes this afternoon when we first heard this story because it didn't seem like it could possibly be true. And yet it is. The Indiana state ethics commission has ruled that state officeholders may not use state-owned property for political or campaign activity (sounds reasonable enough) ... unless they put specific policies in place allowing themselves to do so.

So no using tax payer resources to run your campaign for reelection unless your write yourself a rule that says you can.

Peak Dinesh

I was in our Washington office and I noticed Dinesh D'Souza on MSNBC. So I figured, I probably need to be punished for something I did wrong. So I'll turn up the volume to see what he has to say. After about 90 seconds I started thinking: are imbeciles reproducing quickly enough to sustain D'Souza's business model? After a bunch of stuff about Saul Alinsky, he went on this new theory: progressives pretend to attack the 1% but really they attack immigrants. Okay that makes sense. Watch.