10.21.2016 - 1:56 PM EDT

Yesterday I was looking back through the progression of events with the at-first-suspected and now confirmed (according to the US government, at least) Russian meddling in the 2016 US election. It starts in June with a report that a private security firm (Crowdstrike) had concluded that a hack of the Democratic National Committee's email servers had emerged out of Russia. (Go back and you'll see an early theory was that they were stealing anti-Trump oppo with the intention of giving it to Trump.) It escalated in July with the first Wikileaks release of hacked DNC emails. And it's gone on from there, with more releases of emails, an increasingly Trump-aligned Wikileaks and less and less active denials from Russia that its security services are behind the leaks.

10.21.2016 - 11:16 AM EDT

There's a story flying around the web claiming that either one of the main reasons or the main reason for sharply lower NFL ratings this year is because of opposition to protests by Colin Kaepernick and others. The numbers go back to a Yahoo/YouGov poll which found that 29% of self-identified NFL fans were watching few games this year. The reasons they gave were 1) time watching the election (17%), lost interest (28%), lack of opportunity (31%), Kaepernick protest (40%).

10.21.2016 - 10:02 AM EDT

Great piece oh how Trump's final meltdown may foil the GOP's efforts to get out of decades old restrictions tied to attempts to intimidate and suppression African-American voting over 30 years ago. Check it out.

10.20.2016 - 6:06 PM EDT

A lot of Democrats would prefer someone younger and a bit more progressive than Judge Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court. If Hillary Clinton is elected President and she has a Senate majority, I suspect they'll get that. Now Sen. Jeff Flake says he's encouraging his colleagues to confirm Garland in the lame duck session of Congress if Clinton is elected. That could set up a very paradoxical situation in which Senate Republicans are suddenly Garland's gung-ho-est supporters.

10.20.2016 - 5:10 PM EDT

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10.20.2016 - 11:11 AM EDT

It's amazing to see a whole new generation learning about the opportunistic bs of Betsy McCaughey. Folks in this cycle know her as the one who says you can't oppose sexual assault if you like Beyoncé. But Betsy's been around forever as a person who uses dubious professional credentials to get behind all manner of straight up lies.

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