Mario, Pinocchio, And…Grover Cleveland? Top 10 Carl Paladino Campaign Posters

1||Republican Carl Paladino has been running quite the colorful campaign since announcing his candidacy for New York governor, and it seems that every day brings a new off-color remark or foot-in-the-mouth moment.

But if, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, then Paladino’s campaign posters also have a lot to say. Tucked away on the Paladino campaign website is a page dedicated to posters boasting some campy, over-the-top campaign slogans and imagery. Here are some of our favorites…||

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8||Cuomo, and Paladino’s primary opponent Rick Lazio.||

9||A young Paladino with former President Ronald Reagan.||

10||Ed Cox, chairman of the New York GOP, and Steve Levy, a Republican who also ran for governor.

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