First Vows: Presidential Daughters Get Hitched

1|| July 30, 2010: Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will be getting married this weekend in Rhinebeck, NY. Here’s a look at some other special days for First Daughters…

Here, President Richard Nixon dances with his daughter Tricia in the East Room at her wedding reception on June 12, 1971. ||Newscom/CNP&&

2||August 6, 1966: Luci Baines Johnson and her father, President Lyndon B. Johnson.
||The Lyndon B. Johnson Library&&

3||May 10, 2008: President George W. Bush and Jenna Bush pose before her wedding at Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas.||Newscom/Zuma&&

4||July 19, 1986: Caroline Kennedy waves to onlookers before her wedding at Our Lady of Victory Church in Centerville, Massachusetts, as Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) walks by her side. ||Newscom/Zuma&&

5||December 9, 1967: The wedding of Lynda Baines Johnson, President Johnson’s other daughter.
||The Lyndon B. Johnson Library&&

6||April 21, 1956: Margaret Truman Daniel, daughter of Harry Truman, marries Clifton Daniel. ||The Harry Truman Library&&

7||1906: Alice Roosevelt, daughter of President Teddy Roosevelt, at her wedding to Nicholas Longworth||Library Of Congress&&