Colbert Fears Tennessee Mop Sink Is For Muslim Mops

As Stephen Colbert noted on his show Wednesday evening, he has “long warned that America is under dire threat from creeping Sharia law.”

So the late-night host was interested in a recent story out of Tennessee, where several state lawmakers questioned whether a new sink installed in the statehouse was for Muslims to wash their feet in before prayer. The lawmakers were reassured that it’s actually just a mop sink. But Colbert’s fears were not allayed.“Okay, that’s in layman’s terms,” Colbert said. “Okay, technically, custodians call it a ‘sink you put the mop in.’ So danger averted right? Wrong. Do not let your guard down, Tennessee lawmakers. Because, after all, what is a mop sink other than a Muslim mop bath?”

“Think about it,” Colbert continued. “A mop is nothing but a beard on a stick. Okay? It’s Osama bin Moppin’. Well, now, I say now that we have these Sharia mops in our custody, it’s time to find out exactly what they’re up to.”

Colbert goes on to waterboard a mop.