CNN Guest Calls Sanders A ‘79,000-Year-Old Muppet-Looking Socialist’ (VIDEO)

Liberal commentator Van Jones called Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) a “muppet-haired socialist” while praising him for his performance in the Iowa caucuses during a Tuesday appearance on CNN.

Host Brooke Baldwin asked Jones to explain whether he thought Sanders’ loss to Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses by a whisper-thin margin constituted a good showing or not.

“I’m in the camp that says anybody who is a 79,000 year-old, Muppet-looking socialist–” Jones said as Baldwin scoffed.

Jones laughed and attempted to clarify his statement.

“I love Bernie Sanders!” he said. “Anybody like that who comes within a hair of beating the Clintons, that let’s you know there’s something’s going on just beyond the candidate.”

Watch below: