Nebraska GOP Candidate Compared Voting For Omnibus Bill To ‘Short Bus To Nowhere’


A Nebraska Republican Senate candidate a trillion omnibus bill to a “short bus to nowhere.”

In a tweet a day before the Senate voted on a House-passed $1.102 trillion omnibus bill former state treasurer Shane Osborn, one of a few candidates running in the Nebraska Republican Senate primary wrote that voting for the bill was a “short bus to nowhere.”

Osborn deleted the tweet but TPM was able to obtain a screenshot.

The bill, it should be noted, passed the chamber Osborn wants to join 84-14 meaning even most Republicans voted for the bill.

On Friday Osborn said he regretted sending the tweet.

“My Mother is a nurse who takes care of special needs children and we consider them part of our family,” Osborn said in a statement to TPM. “I quickly realized the tweet sent the wrong message and deleted it immediately.”

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