MSNBC President Defends Network After Bashir, Baldwin, Harris-Perry Controversies


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MSNBC President Phil Griffin on Wednesday defended the way the network handled the recent controversies surrounding three of its anchors: Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin and Melissa Harris-Perry.

“These were judgment calls made by some of our people,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “We quickly took responsibility for them and took action. They were unfortunate, but I’m not going to allow these specific moments of lack of judgment to define us.”

Griffin said he hasn’t seen the same level of accountability from CNN and Fox News.

“We were transparent. That is our philosophy: Be factual, and step up when you make a mistake,” he said. “And I don’t see that among our competition, whether it’s getting something wrong on a major story or when there are clear inaccuracies and they’re not corrected.”

CNN President Jeff Zucker on Monday said he thought the MSNBC controversies hurt the network.

[H/t Mediaite]