Meghan McCain To Beck: Let’s Chat About How You’ve Divided The GOP

Brian Dowling/Invision/AP

Meghan McCain said on Monday that she wants conservative pundit Glenn Beck to come on her digital news and lifestyle show to talk about all the “nasty things” he’s said about fellow Republicans.

On her show, “TakePart Live” on Pivot, the daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) discussed Beck’s interview with CNN on Sunday, in which he admitted to saying “stupid things” during his time at Fox News and playing a role in further diving Democrats and Republicans.

“What you say on TV matters no matter who you are, and if you’re the type of person that’s going to divide America, which I believe Glenn Beck had a part in doing, are you taking culpability?” McCain asked.

She went on to blame Beck and other conservative media leaders for not only widening the gap between Democrats and Republicans, but also for dividing the Republican party.

“Ann Coulter and all these people, what you say, Americans listen to, and right now my party is completely and utterly divided and we are losing elections, and I believe it’s this man’s fault to a degree,” she said.

McCain then invited Beck to come on her show to discuss the issue, but said the chance of him accepting was not likely.

“In all seriousness, if Glenn Beck wants to come on this show, I’m happy to have a conversation with him,” she said. “I think pigs will fly out of my ass sooner than that man will come on this show, but we could try.”

Watch the clip at the “TakePart Live” website.