Maureen Dowd Moves To NYT Magazine

McMullan/Sipa USA

The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd is going to the publication’s magazine as a staff writer.

“Maureen is one of The Times’s signature writers. Period. And as we work toward a redesign that will put new emphasis on stylish, long-form narratives, she’ll be a brilliant addition to our team,” New York Times editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein said in a statement. “While I can’t disclose any specific assignments yet, I can reveal that Maureen’s subject matter for the magazine will range far afield from her current bailiwick of politics, foreign affairs, Hollywood, and edible marijuana.”

Dowd will continue to write an opinion column on Sunday.

Silverstein also tweeted out the announcement.

That “drug test” line at the end is almost certainly a reference to the column she wrote in June about her experience doing legal marijuana in Colorado. She got too high, according to her recounting in the column, and started to freak out.

Shortly after her column was published, the Times editorial page endorsed legalizing marijuana, but the Huffington Post and Gawker both pointed out that the Times still asks its employees to undergo drug testing.