Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News’ ‘Hypocritical Outrage’ On Benghazi (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart tore into Fox News on Monday’s “The Daily Show” for the network’s “hypocritical outrage” on the attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

The comedian pointed out that the Benghazi attacks were the subject of numerous congressional hearings and briefings, plus hundreds of news stories — Benghazi was mentioned on 1,101 Fox News programs alone in the past year. But that hasn’t been enough to grind the Benghazi outrage machine to a halt.

“You know, there are very few things we’ve heard more about in the past year and a half,” Stewart said. “The only thing we’ve heard more about in the past year and a half may be the Kardashians.”

He then ripped conservatives for their laser-like focus on the intelligence failure that contributed to the loss of American lives in Benghazi, pointing out that intelligence failures contributing to the Iraq War — even outright lies from top officials like Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney about he presence of nuclear material in Iraq — didn’t provoke similar rage during the Bush administration.

“I commend you for finally getting in touch with your inner outrage, because if I remember correctly from the previous decade, it was an emotion you did not seem comfortable addressing or expressing,” Stewart said.

“Your hypocritical outrage and sanctimony aside, the reason it’s hard for everybody to get outraged by this terribly tragic and ultimately preventable disaster that was Benghazi is that everybody in this country has seen this movie before,” he added later. “Only that movie was on an IMAX.”

Watch below in two clips, courtesy of Comedy Central: