Pennsylvania Man’s Obituary Pleads: ‘Do Not Vote For Donald Trump’


A Pittsburgh chiropractor who passed away this weekend made one last request of his loved ones: “Do not vote for Donald Trump.”

In an obituary published Wednesday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 70-year-old Jeffrey H. Cohen asked that instead of sending flowers, mourners refrain from supporting the GOP frontrunner. He said donations to charity would make an acceptable alternative.

Cohen’s obituary plays up his unique sense of humor, touching on his penchant for dirty jokes and proposing the true meaning of life: “OOPS!”

The celebrated doctor—who treated celebrities including “Weird Al” Yankovic and Liza Minelli—passed away unexpectedly in the Squirrel Hill home where he was raised. Cohen left behind his wife and four sons.

Election year wishes have been highlighted in obituaries before. Earlier in January, a Richmond, Virginia man asked mourners to vote for Donald Trump and got a retweet from the real estate mogul himself. A New Jersey woman who passed away in August 2015 also urged her loved ones to prevent Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton from making it to the White House.