GOP Rep. Garrett: Debt Limit Deal Must Delay or Defund Obamacare


House Republicans won’t agree to a debt limit increase deal that includes anything less then a full delay or complete defunding of Obamacare, Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) said.

“They may try to throw the kitchen sink at the debt limit, but I don’t think our conference will be amenable for settling for a collection of things after we’ve fought so hard,” Garrett said, according to National Review on Monday. “If it doesn’t have a full delay or defund of Obamacare, I know I and many others will not be able to support whatever the leadership proposes. If it’s just a repeal of the medical-device tax, or chained CPI, that won’t be enough.”

Garrett’s comments come as new polling shows that a wide majority of Americans disapprove of how Republican lawmakers have approached negotiations over the debt limit. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday found that 70 percent of Americans have a negative view of how Republicans are handling negotiations over raising the debt ceiling.

Meanwhile, top Senate Democrats are planning to move forward with a clean debt limit increase bill this week.