Alleged Anti-Semitic Shooter Spoke With Jailed Supremacist Before Killing Spree


The former Ku Klux Klan leader accused of killing three people Sunday at Jewish centers near Kansas City reportedly spoke with a notorious jailed white supremacist the day before the shooting spree.

The suspect, Frazier Glenn Miller, was a prolific poster under the screen name “Rounder” on a website called the Vanguard News Network, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The center, which tracks hate groups, flagged a thread Miller posted Saturday that described a phone conversation with Craig Cobb, a fugitive from Canada who tried to mold a tiny North Dakota town into an all-white enclave until he wound up in jail on charges of terrorizing residents.

Miller wrote in the post, titled “Craig Cobb phoned today,” that Cobb “sounded confident and healthy.” He noted that a pre-sentencing investigation had been completed ahead of Cobb’s next hearing and added that he made Cobb “promise to visit me IF and WHEN he can.”

The public posting gave no indication of plans to open fire at the Jewish community center and retirement complex in Overland Park, Kan., as Miller allegedly did on Sunday, the day before Passover.

Miller posted about speaking with Cobb at least twice prior to Saturday’s conversation. He also urged other members of the Vanguard News Network community to send “letters of moral support and appreciation” to Cobb’s address in jail. In Saturday’s posting, he thanked “Paul,” who he called a white nationalist “with initiative and the will of his convictions,” for sending $100 bills to Cobb.