Sanders: Defying ‘Election Integrity’ Commission Is A ‘Political Stunt’

Cheriss May/SIPPL Sipa USA

Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Friday that the many states who have refused to cooperate with the bogus “election integrity” commission’s request for sensitive voter data were carrying out a “political stunt.”

“Does the President have any thoughts on the fact that so many governors and other state officials have said that they’re not going to comply with this request for public information from the election integrity commission?” one reporter asked Sanders at an off-camera press briefing Friday.

“I think that that’s mostly a political stunt,” she replied. “We’re asking — this is a commission that’s asking for publicly available data, and the fact that these governors wouldn’t be willing to turn that over, this is something that’s been part of the commission’s discussion, which has bipartisan support, and none of the members raised any concern whatsoever.”

However, the commission has requested more than just publicly available data, including information as personal as the last four digits of voters’ Social Security numbers, and histories of felony convictions and military service.

Several states have refused to share all but publicly available information with the commission. Some states — California,  Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York and Virginia among them so far — have refused to cooperate at all with the request.