Pentagon Honors USMC Refugee As Trump Prepares To Restrict Refugees


The Department of Defense posted a tweet Wednesday morning honoring a former refugee who became a U.S. marine as President Donald Trump’s administration reportedly prepared executive orders that would restrict the United States’ refugee program.

The tweet was posted from the Department of Defense’s official account and honors Cpl. Ali J. Mohammed, who was born and raised in Iraq before moving to the United States, according to the included link.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Trump’s administration is preparing executive orders to be signed at a later date that would restrict the United States’ refugee program. Trump is expected to sign those orders on Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In the week after Trump’s inauguration, a number of federal departments have posted tweets sharing information at odds with Trump’s positions or apparently critical of his first few days in office.

The Department of the Interior was reportedly ordered to stop tweeting on Friday after its National Park Service account retweeted an unflattering photograph comparing crowd sizes at Trump’s inauguration to those at Obama’s in 2009. The tweet was later taken down and the National Park Service apologized.

On Tuesday, the Badlands National Parks tweeted information specific to climate change, one day after Trump announced that he would loosen environmental restrictions and hours after he signed executive orders to advance the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. The posts were later deleted without explanation.

And on Monday the Department of Defense tweeted about the correlation between mental health and social media postings, which many Twitter users interpreted as being sent with a certain tweet-happy head of state in mind.