New Hampshire Democrat Sorry For Mowing Down Ducks In His BMW

New Hampshire state Rep. David Campbell (D) has apologized for plowing down a group of ducks that he said “didn’t move” out of the way of his BMW.

“I am deeply sorry that I accidentally ran over several wild ducks near the Crowne Plaza last Monday night,” Campbell said in a statement he released Sunday after reports of the Dec. 23 incident in Nashua, N.H. surfaced, according to the Nashua Telegraph.

A witness, who said Campbell made no attempt to slow down, reported the episode to local law enforcement. A spokesman for the Nashua Police Department told TPM on Monday there was an “ongoing investigation.”

In his statement, Campbell said he left the scene after striking the ducks because a bystander became “aggressive.”

“He cursed, continuously yelled, and approached me in a threatening manner,” wrote Campbell wrote. “After I parked my car, his aggressive behavior and threats continued. To diffuse a situation that was becoming increasingly hostile, I walked across the parking lot to my office building.”

Campbell has not responded to multiple requests for comment from TPM.