Charity Auction Offers Chance To Ride In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Tank


Arnold Schwarzenegger is many things. An actor. A politician. A tank owner. 

A Sherman tank, to be exact. And you could ride in it.

The online charity website Omaze is offering the chance to fly to Los Angeles and ride with Arnold in his tank. Cigars “included.” Entries to win start at $10, and Arnold will match every donation. Proceeds will support After-School All-Stars, which provides school-based after-school programs. 

But that’s not all!

Those who buy five entries or more will receive additional perks. And the first two donors to purchase more than 4,000 entries (at $5 a piece) will receive “a limited edition Conan the Barbarian Sword signed by Arnold.” So yeah. It’s technically possible to ride in Arnold’s tank with Conan’s sword. 

(h/t The Washington Post)