Biden Gives Veterans Some ‘Advice About That BFD Stuff’


Vice President Joe Biden gave some useful advice on how to avoid “BFD” slip-ups on Monday.

Biden addressed participants, including some injured veterans, in the Ride 2 Recovery Memorial Challenge, a 325 mile bike ride from Washington, D.C. to Virginia Beach.

A man who introduced the vice president mentioned Biden’s penchant for “one liners,” according to CNN.

“There was a bill signing at the White House … and he said it was a big f-ing deal. And that was a quote, ” the man said, referencing Biden’s infamous comment about the health care law. “If I may say, sir, Ride to Recovery is a big f-ing deal.”

When Biden took the stage, he told the cyclists how to avoid such open-mic moments.

“Piece of advice about that BFD stuff: Assume every microphone is on,” he said.

“I just want you to know, I didn’t intentionally say that,” he continued. “I actually turned and I said, ‘Mr. President,’ and I whispered in his ear. Unfortunately, I was looking in the direction of one guy who could actually read lips – not a joke. Because no one picked it up at the time and one of the reporters read lips. Thank God my mother was gone or I’d have been one dead vice president.”

Biden also took a selfie with the Ride 2 Recovery participants.