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Biden On 'Big F---ing Deal': 'I'm Embarrassed As Hell' -- But We're Making Loads Of Money Off Of It

Newscom / CD1

Biden was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa campaigning for Gov. Chet Culver (D), and according to Radio Iowa, got big laughs when he said: "Iowa, going into this God-awful recession, had the largest cash reserves in history. Folks, folks that was a big deal -- a big, big deal."

They laughed, and he added: "Thank God my mother wasn't here to hear me whispering to Barack."

"I don't know why everybody thinks it's so darn funny," Biden said. "I'm embarrassed as hell by it, but apparently we're selling t-shirts and making hundreds of thousands of bucks."

The t-shirts can be found here, at Organizing For America's official store.