‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode Inspired By Anthony Weiner Will Air Wednesday


It looks like the writers at NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” have ripped the sexting scandal that sank former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s mayoral bid from the headlines.

Wednesday’s episode of the long-running fictional sex crimes series, which is entitled “October Surprise,” appears to be based on Weiner’s campaign. Promo footage for the episode reveals the plot will revolve around a mayoral candidate accused of sexting.

In one clip, posted to YouTube last week, the candidate has the same blue-and-orange color scheme Weiner used for his campaign materials. The episode even includes a cameo from venerable New York City political reporter Errol Lewis. An NBC representative confirmed Tuesday the clip was taken from a promo that aired after last week’s episode.

Another promotional video posted by NBC shows the fictional mayoral hopeful was, like Weiner, surging in the polls as he became embroiled in the sexting scandal. 

Though some details from the episode appear to match Weiner’s story, it is clear that, as is their custom, the “SVU” writers took some liberties with the real-life mayoral sexting scandal. One of the clips shows the fictional candidate being accused of “sexting with a 15-year-old.” In real life, Weiner’s known sext correspondents were all adults. Another clip shows the fictional scandal involves a complicated extortion case. In reality, Weiner’s sexting saga had no criminal element. 

Weiner did not immediately respond to a question from TPM about his reaction. 

Watch both promo clips below.