Nevada Governor Says He’ll Sue Federal Government Over ‘Illegal’ Health Care Bill

Congressional Quarterly/Newscom

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons (R) said his state will be suing the federal government if the health care bill he says is “illegal” becomes law.

“His health care bill is not only ill-conceived, but I believe it is illegal,” Gibbons said in a release written up by the Las Vegas Sun.

Gibbons took aim at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who is facing a tough reelection this year, saying “Reid’s” health care plan is unhealthy and would “kill Nevada’s economy.”

At the heart of his complaint is the Medicaid formula and the deal that Senate leadership made with Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) to win his vote for the overall health care plan.

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Carson City- Governor Jim Gibbons today announced that the State of Nevada intends to sue the federal government to stop Senator Harry Reid’s health care plan if it becomes law. “There is nothing healthy about Reid’s health care plan, the first thing it will do is kill Nevada’s economy,” Governor Jim Gibbons said, “and then it will crush the working families of Nevada.”

Governor Gibbons agrees with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s assessment of Reid’s health care fiasco. Governor Schwarzenegger called the legislation “health care to nowhere… that’s infected with bribes, deals and loopholes.”

Reid’s health care plan would cost Nevadans $613,000,000 in increased Medicaid costs alone. It is guaranteed to lead to higher federal and local taxes at a time when Nevadans are struggling to make ends meet.

Attorneys General in 13 States have objected to the sweetheart deal Reid made with Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson which will make the federal government (the other 49 states) pay Nebraska’s increased Medicaid costs forever.

“Senator Reid is treating the citizens of Nevada and other states unfairly,” Governor Gibbons said, “His health care bill is not only ill-conceived, but I believe it is illegal.” The United States Constitution makes numerous references to states having “equal standing”, also duties, imposts and excises are to be “uniform throughout the United States.” “After Senator Reid reads his unhealthy healthcare reform bill, he should read the United States Constitution,” Governor Gibbons said.