Bachmann Opponent’s New Ad Blasts Her For ‘Standing Up For BP’ (VIDEO)

Minnesota state Sen. Tarryl Clark, the Democratic candidate to go up against Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, is looking to get an ad on the air going after Bachmann for having bashed the the BP escrow fund as “extortion” by the Obama administration.

The ad is not yet up on TV, but the Clark campaign is conducting a fundraising drive among supporters to get it on the air.

“It’s BP’s fault. And they should pay. But Michelle Bachmann calls making BP pay for the clean up ‘extortion,'” the announcer says. “And said ‘If I was the head of BP, I would let the signal get out there – ‘We’re not going to be chumps.'”

“If Bachmann lets BP off the hook, guess who’s paying? Us,” the announcer says. “Michele Bachmann: standing up for BP. Not us.”