Rob Ford Bummed Out After Jimmy Kimmel Humiliates Him For 15 Straight Minutes (VIDEO)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had to leave the set of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday feeling a little bruised.

Kimmel managed to simultaneously flatter and humiliate Ford for the length of their 15-minute segment. The comedian admitted that he’d become “obsessed” with the mayor, then played virtually every embarrassing video clip that has surfaced since Ford’s name began appearing in headlines related to a crack cocaine scandal.

Ford seemed to absorb the jabs well and smiled throughout his appearance. But his brother Doug, a city councillor in Toronto, told the Toronto Sun that the mayor was “a little upset” after taping Kimmel’s show. The reporter heard Ford himself on the line saying he had been “set up.”

When the Sun directly asked Ford how he felt about Kimmel’s tough questions, the mayor said he was just “doing his job” as a comedian.

Watch below courtesy of ABC:


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