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Rick Scott Now Says He Would Veto Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

AP Photo / John Raoux

Earlier in the day Scott refused to say whether Brewer should veto the bill. He was pressed multiple times during an interview on MSNBC but the Florida governor said he had not seen the proposal yet.

"In Florida we are focused on economic growth, and not on things that divide us. We are for freedom here in Florida. And we want everyone to come here, create jobs, and live in freedom, and that includes religious liberty," Scott continued in his statement.

"I am very much opposed to forcing anyone to violate their conscience or their religious beliefs, and of course, I’m very much opposed to discrimination. As a society, we need to spend more time learning to love and tolerate each other, and less time trying to win arguments in courts of law," he said. "Other states can spend their time fighting over issues like this, but in Florida we are laser focused on creating jobs and opportunities. It’s working, and we need to keep it going and will not get distracted by this or anything else."

Brewer said she expects to decide whether to veto the bill sometime on Friday.