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Cornyn Nabs NRA Endorsement Over Stockman

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

“The choice is clear for law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen in the U.S. Senate republican primary election in Texas, and that choice is John Cornyn,” Cox continued.

In a campaign statement, Cornyn touted himself as an outdoorsman who will defend Texans' Second Amendment rights.

“The right to keep and bear arms is a sovereign one, and for many folks like myself hunting and shooting sports are part of a rich and long Texas tradition of enjoying the outdoors,” Cornyn said. “As the Obama political machine sets their sights on turning our state blue, I’m proud of the support of the most respected gun rights organization in the nation."

Stockman is having a hard time drumming up support for his surpise primary challenge. He lost the NRA endorsement despite being vocal about his support for gun rights -- he's pulled stunts from raffling off an AR-15 rifle for his reelection effort to threatening to impeach President Barack Obama for using executive orders to push gun-control measures.