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Chuck Schumer Welp, Maybe Not!

Schumer says in a statement that it’s cool with him if Netanyahu wants to come speak to a joint session of Congress.

Earlier this week Schumer rejected Netanyahu’s request to address Senate Democrats saying it was inappropriate to handle such discussions in a partisan manner. Senate Republicans held a Zoom session with Netanyahu.

Said Schumer in the latest statement: “I will always welcome the opportunity for the prime minister of Israel to speak to Congress in a bipartisan way.”

Johnson Inviting Bibi While Still Reading His Own Onboarding Papers

Speaker Mike Johnson is now saying he will invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the U.S. Congress, dramatically upping the ante in wire crossing between U.S. and Israeli politics. Just after crying foul over Chuck Schumer saying Israel should hold new elections at the end of the Gaza War, Netanyahu yesterday did a GOP-only Zoom session with Republican senators. But here’s the thing. Johnson can’t actually do that. A joint session requires both houses of Congress to agree. So he needs Chuck Schumer’s sign off. What he can do is hold a House-only speech.

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The Post has an interesting story today about why both presidential campaigns seem to feel they have an interest in leaning into Biden’s stutter. The stutter is something that earlier iterations of Biden’s political life story narrative treated as a challenge he overcame in the past, in his childhood. But as a President it’s clear he did not entirely overcome it. He may have tamed it. But it’s still there and it’s a component of his sometimes halting or garbled speech. The change — from describing the stutter as something Biden overcame to something he still wrestles with — has a few different drivers. One is that we just think about these things differently today as a society. It’s what we might call the Therapeutic Turn in American culture. It’s that whole mix of the valorization of empathy, the therapeutic overcoming of physical, intellectual or mental challenges and the call for society to loosen or expand the strictures of what is acceptable for full participation in public life. It’s deeply ingrained in what we might call Blue State political culture.

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More on the Everything Sucks Era

There were a few responses to yesterday’s Backchannel about the “everything sucks” era that I wanted to share with you.

The first is from TPM Reader JY

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It would be great to get to 175 new TPM Members tonight, the end of the second day of our drive. We’re currently at 156. If you’ve been on the fence or maybe just waiting till you have a free minute, maybe just take a second right now and join us. Just click right here.

Late Update: 173! Two more to go for the night!

What a Loser

This post is just to inform or remind you that after Don Lemon was let go by CNN, Elon Musk signed him to a new gig doing a show on Twitter. And then after this debut interview with Musk, which asked a few challenging questions, Musk immediately fired Lemon. If you go to the end of this segment it shows where Musk says “you are upsetting me” just before the interview ends and he fires Lemon.

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The chart below is from something called the CBC 2023 Resident Survey. It’s a survey of New York City residents in which residents share their opinion about the city’s quality of life and government services. It purports to be “the most comprehensive, statistically valid, post-pandemic view into how New Yorkers feel about the City’s quality of life and how they rate City government services.” For the purposes of this discussion, I am going to assume the claim about statistical validity is accurate. And most importantly, it says that the methodology used in the previous two surveys is roughly the same, thus giving us some fair measure of change over time.

Needless to say, the change from 2008 and 2017 to 2023 is quite stark.

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