CT Man Busted For Calling 911 On His Home-Grown Pot Operation (VIDEO)

A Connecticut man wasn’t sure just how illegal growing a pot plant in his home is, so he did what any rational person would do: he called the authorities for more information.

“I was just growing some marijuana, and I was just wondering the… how much, you know, trouble you can get into for one plant,” Robert Michelson said in a 911 call.“You’re growing marijuana,” the operator said, puzzled. “It depends how big the plant is.”

“It’s only a seedling,” Michelson replied.

The operator informed Michelson he could be charged for possession for having even a small amount of marijuana.

“All right. Thanks for the info,” he said, and then hung up.

Police traced the call to his home, and found a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia, NBC reports.

Michelson was released on $5,000 bail, but not before he reportedly flipped off the dispatchers.

“Presumably for doing such a good job,” Police said, according to NBC’s report.

Watch the video: