Feds: Guns, Crack, Steroids, Hitler Book Found At Hutaree Homes

Prosecutors allege that a dizzying array of drugs, weapons and even a collection of speeches by Adolf Hitler were found at the homes of several of the alleged members of the Hutaree Christian militia.

The AP got a look at the search warrant records in the case, in which prosecutors allege that nine Hutaree members were plotting to kill police. At the trailer of Hutaree leader David Stone, three DVDs labeled “Waco,” a grenade holder, over 35 guns, and materials for a “funnel shape charge” were allegedly found.At the Ohio home of Kristopher Sickles (of YouTube fame), police allegedly found “suspected crack cocaine and steroids,” according to the AP.

We previously noted that 46 guns, a sword, and a crossbow were allegedly found at the Indiana home of Thomas Piatek, another of the alleged Hutaree members. He also had a copy of Hitler’s My New Order, according to the AP.

A lawyer for Stone told the Detroit News of the seized items: “If it’s legal to have them, why is it a big deal to have them?”