Ep. 195: Suddenly, Progress
Josh and Kate discuss the sudden forward lurch of the reconciliation negotiations that has Democrats feeling optimistic about reaching a deal potentially by the end of the week. Listen
Ep. 194: Time To Act
Josh and Kate discuss the plodding reconciliation negotiations, coming showdown on the Jan. 6 committee, and quasi-revival of the stalled-out voting rights push. Listen
Ep. 193: Reconciliation Is Risen
Josh and Kate recap the abrupt resurrection of the reconciliation package last week, and look ahead to the debt ceiling standoff. Listen
Ep. 192: Apocalypse Now?
Josh and Kate discuss the current congressional morass and announce the winner of the JMP theme song competition! Listen
Ep. 191: Big Tent Wrangling
Josh and Kate discuss the debt ceiling, impending government shutdown and fate of the two-track infrastructure plan as Democrats try to get their house in order. Listen
Ep. 190: California Said No
Josh and Kate discuss the failed effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom and the President's meetings with a certain couple of senators who are threatening his whole agenda. Listen
Ep. 189: Manchin’s Big Threat
Josh and Kate discuss Joe Manchin's new bargaining position on the reconciliation package and fallout from the Supreme Court's decision on the Texas abortion law. Listen
Ep. 188: Post-Roe Texas
Josh and Kate discuss the Supreme Court's non-action on a new Texas abortion ban and the conclusion of the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan. Listen
Ep. 187: Everybody’s Mad
Josh and Kate discuss the centrist stunt in the House, the Afghanistan evacuation on a personal level, and what to make of the dip in President Biden’s approval numbers. Listen
Ep. 186: A Rough Spot
Josh and Kate discuss a group of House centrists trying to decouple the infrastructure bills, the start of the redistricting process, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic of the unvaccinated. Listen
Ep. 185: The End
Josh and Kate discuss the end of the nearly 20-year war in Afghanistan. Listen
Ep. 184: On To The Main Event
Josh and Kate discuss the passing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the next legislative push on the docket: a potentially historic reconciliation package to wrap up as much of the Biden administration's remaining agenda as possible. Listen
Ep. 183: Burdening The Vaccinated
Josh and Kate discuss infrastructure progress, the January 6 investigation and the COVID pandemic still raging among the unvaccinated. Listen
Ep. 182: Pelosi’s Veto
While discussing the fate of the bipartisan infrastructure package, Josh and Kate react in real time to the news that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is rejecting some of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's picks for the Jan. 6 committee. Listen
Ep. 181: Road to Reconciliation
Josh and Kate discuss the newly unveiled outline of what will become Democrats' sweeping "human infrastructure" package and the recent big reveals about General Mark Milley and the end of the Trump administration. Listen
Ep. 180: Six Months Later
Josh and Kate discuss where things stand on the six-month anniversary of the January 6 insurrection. Listen
Ep. 179: The Rocky Road To An Infrastructure Deal
Josh and Kate discuss the infrastructure negotiation dance, as well as the dynamics around the Jan. 6 select committee. Listen
Ep. 178: The Fight Against Despondency
Josh and Kate discuss the Republican filibuster of even starting debate on Democrats' major voting rights bill, and game out the path forward for democracy safeguards. Listen
Merrick Garland
Ep. 177: Grading Garland’s DOJ
Josh and Kate analyze the Department of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland and its pursuit of accountability (or lack thereof) for the Trump era. Listen
Ep. 176: So…What Now?
Josh and Kate discuss Senator Joe Manchin's opposition to S1 and newly reiterated refusal to touch the filibuster, analyzing the way forward for Democrats with a potentially non-functioning Senate. Listen
Ep. 175: Two Tracks
Josh and Kate discuss Democrats' efforts to ratchet up the pressure on a few specific filibuster-loving Senate colleagues. Meanwhile, former President Trump has traded in his blog for the rally stage (and hopes of a late-summer coup?) Listen
Ep. 174: Manchin, Militias and Mueller
Josh and Kate discuss the news of the day, including Senate gridlock, an upswell in violence against local government officials and the battle over a memo related to the Mueller report. Listen
Ep. 173: McCarthy’s Latest Mess
Josh and Kate discuss the fate of the January 6 commission as Kevin McCarthy struggles to unify his caucus. Listen
Ep. 172: Reverberations Of January 6
Josh and Kate discuss Liz Cheney's ouster and the various congressional investigations into the event that ultimately led to her firing. Listen
Ep. 171: Never Break The Cheney
Josh and Kate discuss the current intra-GOP warfare, former President Trump's new blog and the debate around mask-wearing. Listen
Rudy Got Raided
Josh and Kate discuss the FBI raids on Rudy Giuliani's properties and recap the events that brought us to this stunning development. Listen
Ep. 170: Dems In Array
Josh and Kate discuss a week of actual fake news rocketing around the rightwing media ecosystem leading up to President Biden's first big speech. Listen
Ep. 169: Guilty
Josh and Kate discuss the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial and take their first listener question. Listen
Ep. 168: Politics of Opaqueness
Josh and Kate discuss policing reform, analyze the dynamics around the infrastructure package and introduce a new segment. Listen
Ep. 167: Gaetzkeeper
Josh, Kate and David discuss the newest developments in the Matt Gaetz saga, as the congressman tries to twist the alleged investigation into a fundraising opportunity. The team also wishes David a fond farewell, as he leaves TPM for an exciting new venture. Listen
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