Ep. 80: Jerry Falwell Jr. Has Some Strange Habits
Josh, Kate and David review the latest investigative reporting on evangelical scion Jerry Falwell Jr.’s alleged mismanagement of Liberty University, with a heap of weird sex stuff thrown in. They also discuss why the Trump-hurricane-Sharpie saga is a story we should take seriously, and Tuesday’s special election in North Carolina. Listen
Ep. 79: Where The Democratic Candidates Stand vs. Trump Right Now
Josh, David and Kate talk 2020, and how recent polls have shown President Trump trailing a number of Democratic candidates in general election match-ups. They also address the Biden war story imbroglio and Vice President Pence's out-of-the-way trip to a Trump resort in Ireland. Listen
Ep. 78: It Gets Weirder
Josh Marshall, Kate Riga, David Taintor and Josh Kovensky discuss the President’s bank’s refusal to say whether it has his tax returns. Then, they review two weeks of escalating presidential bizarreness — from plans to nuke hurricanes to the G7 summit. Listen
Ep. 77: All The Feral Dweebs
Josh Marshall, co-host David Taintor, newswriter Kate Riga and reporter Josh Kovensky discuss the parade of would-be mass shooters who have surfaced in the weeks since the El Paso shooting. Josh Marshall has coined a term for these men. Then, they dig into the controversy around disgraced political pundit Mark... Listen
TPM Illustration
Ep. 76: We’re Living In The Golden Age Of Conspiracy Theories
Josh Marshall, author Nell Scovell, TPM newswriter Kate Riga and senior editor David Taintor talk about the conspiracies surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's death. They also discuss CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's run-in with a heckler and Josh's concern that third-party candidates could lead to a Trump victory in the 2020 election. Listen
Ep. 75: Inside A ‘Damaging’ Story For Republicans In Texas
Josh Marshall, David Taintor and Kate Riga discuss a story out of Texas, where the Republican House speaker has been embroiled in a controversy over a supposedly damaging conversation he had with a local right-wing activist. Kate brings us up to speed on the situation. We also talk about the... Listen
on October 22, 2018 in Tampa, Florida.
Ep. 74: The Problems In 2016 And 2020
Josh Marshall, David Taintor and Josh Kovensky discuss their takeaways from the second round of Democratic debates. Then, they discuss a new report by the Senate Intelligence Committee shedding light on Russian cyberattacks during the 2016 elections. Listen
Ep. 73: How TPM Came To Be
Josh goes on the Internet History Podcast, hosted by Brian McCullough, to discuss the early days of digital media and, specifically, how TPM grew from a side project into a leading news site. Find more episodes of the Internet History Podcast here. Listen
Ep. 72: Are Democrats Doing Enough To Confront Trump?
Josh Marshall, Josh Kovensky and David Taintor discuss Democrats’ oversight efforts and many TPM readers’ frustration that the party isn’t doing more. Then, Josh K. updates us on his NRA reporting. Listen
Ep. 71: What People Miss About Impeachment
Harvard Law professor Cass Sustein talks to Josh about the origins of impeachment and how we should think about it today. He thinks the word "solemn" is what people should focus on most when thinking about removing a president from office. Listen
Ep. 70: Talking About Gradys With Grady
Grady Laird, co-founder and president of Grady’s Cold Brew, joins Josh and David to talk about how he went from being a staffer at a now-defunct Condé Nast magazine who saw the writing on the wall to founding the coffee company. Josh has been a Grady’s devotee for years, and... Listen
Ep. 69: What To Expect When SCOTUS Rules On The Census Citizenship Case
TPM’s Tierney Sneed and Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern run through how we got here, what’s likely to happen, and what a ruling to allow the citizenship question to be added will mean for the court’s legitimacy and for the future of voting in the U.S. Listen
Ep. 68: CNN’s Jim Sciutto On The US’ ‘Shadow Wars’ With Russia, China
Josh and TPM Senior Editor Allegra Kirkland speak with CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto about his new book, The Shadow War: Inside Russia’s and China’s Secret Operations to Defeat America. The book is about “hybrid warfare”: The strategy of attacking an adversary while remaining just below the threshold... Listen
Ep. 67: Two Top Investigative Reporters On The Trump Investigations
Yahoo News Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff and Yahoo News Editor-in-Chief Dan Klaidman join Josh to talk through the earliest days of the Russia story and its current state. Isikoff and Klaidman also discuss a recent political firestorm that emerged, unexpectedly, from the podcast they co-host, Skullduggery. Listen
Ep. 66: What Exactly Is The Administration Up To With Iran?
Al-Monitor’s diplomatic correspondent Laura Rozen walks Josh through what we know and where things are likely to go next. Listen
Ep. 65: Are We Witnessing The End Of The NRA?
Josh, David, and TPM reporter Josh Kovensky discuss the implosion of the NRA — and the real possibility that the organization might be dissolved or reorganized as the result of an investigation by New York’s attorney general. Listen
Ep. 64: Josh Holds Pedestrian/Cyclist Summit
After pedestrian Josh made some comments on Twitter about NYC bikers’ lack of respect for traffic rules, he holds a summit with biking advocate and podcaster Doug Gordon — a “moderate from the biking community” — to discuss why this issue is so charged here in NYC. Listen
Ep. 63: Bill Barr’s Big Week
Josh, Tierney and John Light discuss Bill Barr’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, his refusal to appear before the House Judiciary Committee, and what we can expect from Barr going forward. Listen
Ep. 62: ‘Sh*tloads of Obstruction’: The Mueller Report
Josh, David and TPM reporter Josh Kovensky discuss their top takeaways from the Mueller report and how Congress is likely to act on it. Josh also shares how taking apart a Grady’s container is reminiscent of slaughtering an animal. Listen
Ep. 61: Paranoia And Politics: The All-American Conspiracy Theory
Investigative reporter Anna Merlan of Gizmodo Media Group’s special projects desk discusses her new book, Republic of Lies, about conspiracy theories in the U.S. Josh, Allegra and Anna discuss Pizzagate, QAnon, the JFK and MLK assassinations, and the role these phenomena play in contemporary politics. Pre-order her book here. Listen
Ep. 60: Mueller’s Biographer Takes Us Inside The Special Counsel’s Thinking
Author and journalist Garrett Graff, who has a new e-book out about Robert Mueller and who has interviewed Mueller numerous times, talks about Attorney General Bill Barr’s bungled summary of the special counsel’s report and Mueller’s team’s response. Check out Graff's book here. Listen
Ep. 59: Preet Bharara Takes Us Inside SDNY
The former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York chats with us about his decades of experience in law enforcement and on Capitol Hill, his friend James Comey, and the Russia probe-related work the SDNY is currently doing. Preet's new book is Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts On... Listen
Ep. 58: Inside The Wild Story Of A Massage Parlor Owner Linked To Trump
Josh Marshall, David Taintor and Josh Kovensky dive into the story of Cindy Yang, a complicated figure in the Trump world. Yang owns a number of massage parlors that have been accused of links to prostitution — but she also launched a consultancy that appears to sell access to Trump... Listen
Ep. 57: Why Would You Not Want To Be A Nuclear Power?
Josh Marshall and David Taintor discuss the Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un summit in Vietnam, what might come out of it, what their relationship has already achieved, and their unusual letters to one another. Then: We consider the prospect of a pardon for Paul Manafort, who will soon be sentenced. Listen
Ep. 56: Is The Russia Probe Really Ending?
Josh, David Taintor, and investigative reporters Tierney Sneed and Josh Kovensky explore a report from CNN that the Russia probe will wrap up as early as next week and what will likely happen to its many loose ends. They also talk about Roger Stone and Paul Manafort’s latest legal proceedings,... Listen
Ep. 55: Where’s The Jeff Bezos-National Enquirer Feud Headed?
Tierney Sneed joins Josh and David from TPM’s Washington, D.C., bureau to discuss the path forward for Congress’ newly announced plan to avert a government shutdown and to debrief on last week’s contentious hearing with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. Then, David and Josh dig into that series of allegations... Listen
Ep. 54: What’s Inside The Trump Inaugural Subpoena?
Reporter Josh Kovensky briefs us on the potential scandals surrounding the Trump inaugural committee, an organization he’s been looking into for weeks but that was subpoenaed last night. And TPM’s executive publisher, Joe Ragazzo, joins us to discuss a rough two weeks for the news media, in which thousands of... Listen
Ep. 53: The Josh Marshall Podcast Is Back To Catch You Up On A Wild Week Of News
Josh and David discuss Trump’s resplendent capitulation to Nancy Pelosi on the State of the Union and, later, on the shutdown fight. Then, investigative reporter Josh Kovensky sits in to chat about Roger Stone’s indictment and House Democrats' many questions for Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, which they’ll get to... Listen
Ep. 52: The Worst (Best) Political Screw-Ups Of 2018
Josh, David and TPM's editor for special projects and prime, John Light, run through the winners of TPM's annual Golden Duke awards, named for the scandal-plagued former member of Congress Randy "Duke" Cunningham. From Michael Cohen to Rudy Giuliani to Jacob Wohl to Scott Pruitt, we look back at the... Listen
Ep. 51: TPM’s Tierney Sneed Takes Us Inside The Dramatic Flynn Hearing
TPM investigative reporter Tierney Sneed describes the scene in the courtroom where Michael Flynn was set to be sentenced Tuesday. The judge had harsh words for the former national security advisor before coming to an agreement with Flynn's lawyers to delay Flynn's sentencing. Listen
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